One day Sick Leave Application from Parents

Sample one day sick leave application from parents to the class teacher, principal, headmaster, headmistress, coordinator due to sickness, flu, fever, cough, throat infection, stomach infection and headache etc. Sample of sick leave from parents is provided below.

One day Sick Leave Application from Parents Sample

The Principal,
Lahore Grammer School

Subject: Sick Leave Application

Honorably Principal,

With due regard and respect, It is stated that I am mother of Amna Rehman student of Class 3 (Roll No 12)in your school. She has been suffering from fever since last 3 days therefore, she is unable to come to school because doctor has advised her to take proper bed rest. Kindly allow her leave for a day as it is weekend, consecutive holidays will provide her a good chance to rest and recover.  I promise that her work will be completed as she is brilliant student of the class. I shall be very thankful to you for this favour.

Yours Truly,

Faiza Rehman
Mother of Amna Rehman.

One day Sick Leave Application from Parents Sample
One day Sick Leave Application from Parents Sample

One day Sick Leave Application from Office

The Manager
UP, India

Subject: Leave application from office

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect that I want a one day from the office that will be count as Casual Leave in my charge sheet attendance register. My eldest son Veer Singh is not well in his health and is showing continuous fever from many days. Many of the doctors were consulted for his enigmatic suffering but still no sufficient and crucial clue is diagnosed hence. I am very worried of his suspicious disease and the whole family of mine is a crying face because of his poor plight. I want to show him to a specialist who resided in Delhi and his fame is good to hear regarding medical treatment. In going there, I need a day off that comes after the weekends. Kindly grant me the required leave. I will be grateful. Thanking.

Yours Truly,
Dherma Singh
Assistant Admin
July 15,2015

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