Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval

Warning letter for absent without approval. Warning letter to employee for authorized absence. Warning letter to employee for excessive absence. Letter to employee regarding unauthorized absence.

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Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval

Miss Anna Jane
London Schools of Accountancy

Subject: “Warning Letter to Teacher for frequent absent from school”.

Dear Madam,

With regard, this is to inform you that your frequent absentees from the job are representing your unprofessional attitude. Our policies did not allow a school teacher to carry such non serious attitude towards a job. We need enthusiastic teacher for our school because
your frequent absentees without approval may cause poor result of our students. This is your first and last warning from our side. If you will not maintain your regular attendance record, you will be terminated from our school.
Hopefully, you will take this seriously and will decrease your frequent absentees. Failing to do so may lead to termination of your employment. The school wishes you a bright career here. I look positive changes in your attendance record.


Mr. James William
Principle London Schools of Accountancy
Date 10.05.2018

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval for Employee


Date 12.05.2018
Mr. John Jade
Lascotts 55 N jl London

Subject: warning letter for employee

Dear Jade,

I am writing to you about your frequent absentees form your job during the employment period of 17.12.2017 to 14.04.2018 with “Information System Associates FZF”. Through this letter I am advising you that your attendance record is unsatisfactory, and that immediate improvement is required. This is your second warning letter. Your employment will be terminated if your attendance will be not improved by 20.05.2018.I propose that we will meet again at 17.05.2018 to review your attendance and performance as well. Please let me know if this time is convenient for you.
You will be acknowledged if you become not only punctual but regular as well as perform your duties with determination. I hope positive response from your side. Otherwise a serious action will take place against you which might lead to termination of your job.


Mr. McDonald
Chief executive
Information System Associates FZF

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