Leave Application due to Sore Throat

Sample leave application letter to your manager/principal to inform about your infection/illness due to sore throat. Easy formats are here for your convenience.

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Leave Application due to Sore Throat

The Manager,
Attaullah Groups of Companies,

Subject: Leave Application due to Sore Throat

Respected Sir,

With due reverence it is stated that I cannot come to college due to my sore throat. As you are well aware of change of season, this sudden change of season has affected my throat so much and it got all swelled. I cannot speak as my tonsils are blocked. Doctor has asked me to take complete rest so I can take proper medications to get away with this sore throat. Therefore, it is my request to you to please grant me leave for two days only so I can come to college when I am all healthy and doesn’t bother anyone with my cough.Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincere,


Leave Application due to Throat Infection and Temperature

The HR Department.

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is stated that from past two days I have throat infection and very high temperature. I have checked it from a doctor and he diagnosed it as an infection. He has totally refrained me from going to office as there are many people who aren’t immune to it and can get this easily. Therefore, I want to elucidate that I need leave for 3 days so I can take care of myself and get better. As you are well aware about my attendance report, I have never taken any off without reason. I will be very thankful.

Yours Truly,


Throat Infection Leave Request by Teacher

The Principal,

I am writing this application to inform about my leave status. It is to bring in your kind attention that smog of city has gotten my lungs and I have developed throat infection. As you are well aware with the fact that smog is all over the city and people are miserable due to smog. Pollution is the main reason of the smog and industries are creating more pollution than ever before which is harmful for our normal air and nature. Therefore, I am not in a position to teach my students so I appeal to grant me leave for two days so I can take
proper medication and get well soon and join the school as early as possible.

Yours Faithful,


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