Marriage Invitation Letter Sample

We have provided below some samples to help you write marriage invitation letter to your friends, office colleagues, boss, or relatives. Necessary changes can be done according to your need.

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Marriage Invitation Letter Sample

Subject: Marriage Invitation Letter for Boss

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to break this happy news to you that I am getting married on 4th of next month. I will be honored to have your presence in my wedding. You have always been like a confidante, a mentor. Your position is irreplaceable in my life. I truly believe that I would be nothing if it wasn’t of your constant motivation and pushups. Therefore, my marriage ceremony is organized and all my friends and family are coming to be a part of my happiness. My parents have arranged many functions of the wedding and all with by heart. I want you to attend all the functions. It is my request to you to bring your wife and kids with you. I really want you to come to my wedding day. I would be obliged by your presence and it will be the best gift of my wedding to me. I hope to meet you at my wedding day.

Yours Sincere,


Marriage Invite Letter for Manager

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to invite you for my sister’s wedding. My sister’s wedding is arranged on 7th December 2019. As you know that I have already taken leaves to go to my hometown and do all the arrangements by myself. Therefore, it is my request to you to please come to my sister’s wedding and make the wedding ceremony memorable for me. As you are not just a manager to me but more like a brother. So, I hope that you come to the wedding and celebrate
the union of two souls, two families.

Warm Regards,


Wedding Invitation Letter by Teacher

Respected Principal,

I feel very exhilarated to invite you on my wedding ceremony which is held on Summer Décor Gardens on 30th of this month. I am teaching in this school for two years now and this school is not just confined to school for me, it is my second home where I find comfort in the students. Hence, due to this attachment with school, I share great love with all the staff member. Therefore, I would love to see you on my wedding. I hope to see you two days before the marriage function starts.

Yours Truly,


Wedding Invite by Employer

Hello Everyone/ Staff Members,

I am writing this letter to invite my team to my wedding ceremony which is going to be organized on 16th of next month. My all close friends and family are going to be a part of this special event. As you all are my core team, I can never forget you all in sharing my very close happiness. We have spent laughing, stressed all kinds of time together so you all deserve to see me on my happiest day. I invite you all to come to my wedding and practice a lot of dances so I can have lineup of your dances. I would be looking forward to your all participation in my wedding. I won’t be your boss on this day but just a friend whose marriage ceremony you are attending.

Sharma Singh


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