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Training Services Agreement Template

Sample template letter for premises of seminar hall required for training ,different companies organize multiple training for development of organization but if they do not have much place they must coordinate somewhere else . All term and conditions as per policy of organization and charges should be decided before

 Service Level Agreement Template Training Provider


Company Name……

Subject: Premises of seminar hall required for Training services

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in good health. With reference to our meeting on last monday, i like to thank you for encouraging me. I am starting a learning and development institute in the name of…… with an aim to offer the services at corporate and social level.

I have learning partnership with C.M.D for training and consultancy. Mr Imtiaz  Haroon looks after the training, coaching and consultancy services. My plan is to start from 9th June 2013. I will need the discussed premises of seminar hall once a week (sunday 10.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m) with following requirements.

a- Seminar hall with round table setup for twenty to forty participants as per the response( confirmation will be made one week before starting the session)

b- AC with back power supply

c-  Facilitation to collect fee on our behalf for which person a fee can be charged.

d-  Hi Tea/ Tea arangements

e-   A support staff person/ Attendant

Please let me know the charges and all the terms and conditions as per your organization policy for further processing.


Training Organizer

Training Services Agreement Template
Training Services Agreement Template

Purchase Order Template

Sample format for Purchase order for new machinery. Business hub requires advance and modern touch in their set up to grow internationally or on wider scale and for that reason purchasing of new machinery is mandatory. Such format is real help for those who want to do bidding in a very persuasive manner.

Sample Purchase Order for New Machinery

                                         TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN



We are a growing industry in manufacturing of cars and (touching wood) trending viral nowadays. We are on the vest of launching our new model and got short of few parts of machines. After research, we came to know that the required parts
are with you people. We are humbly requesting to kindly fulfill our purchase order ranging 50000$. As soon as we get the order confirm, we will pay you in cash or cheque or in whatever mode you like us to pay in, we will pay you. Thankyou.


Mr. Deva Desai,
27 th march, 2017


Sample purchase order, all terms and conditions are decided in purchase order payment schedule delivery details and advance payment percentage,tax percentage are also mentioned in it

Purchase Order Terms  And Conditions


Mr Haroon

Shield House

45-haji Plaza Hall Road


Dear Sir,

With reference to your quotation we are pleased to inform you that your quotation for 15 Trophies 8″,9″ and 10″ size and one shield total worth Rs 21000/= has been approved.

Please deliver the Trophies and shield by 24-1-2014

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Ahmed Iqbal
Chairmen Purchase comity
Hamza Foundation

Sample Reimbursement Request Form

Sample Reimbursement Format

Inline image 3


Sample Reimbursement Meal Form

Inline image 5

Goods Issuing Form

Goods/Items Received by:
Name: ______________________________ Father’s Name: _________________________________
Designation: _____________________________________________________________________
Organization / Institution: ___________________________________________________________
Address Office: ______________________________________________________________
Contact # Office ______________________ Cell # ______________________________________
E-Mail: ______________________________
Received From: _________________________ Designation: _______________________________
Department: ________________________________________   Date: _____ /______ /_________
Terms and Conditions: Please note safety of received goods is the sole responsibility of the recipient. All items must be returned back in the same condition as received. Any loss or theft will be the responsibility of the recipient.
Received By                                                                                        Issued By
_______________                                                                              ______________________


Sign____________                                                                             Sign__________________