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Sample Tender of Defense Letter

Sample Tender of defense letter. In order to expand the business on higher magnitude, getting full hands on tenders are important. Tender might face cancellation sometimes due to certain reasons on the part of the buyer after the tender purchase had been done, but it can be compensated legally and in such cases, defense letters are necessary to meet up such issues.

Sample Tender of Defense Letter

The Manager,
Bloomer Fixit Paint Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Defense letter against tender of purchase

Respected Sir,

It is to certify in lieu with tender no. PGN # 456789-9 of medicines. The tender was entitled against reference number AK 3467. The said tender had been purchased on date October 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm from Mr. Jacob Joe, the prime holder of your company’s in charge. Full payment was made for the tender in words and figures on Pay Order of $90000-00. The packages were sealed and still are intact.

It is gruesome for me as I resign its purchase and feeling guilty in returning the tender to you. Without my knowledge and consent, my son had ordered another tender in medicinal nature for his company, but he used my name and money for this business deal. Being father, I had to save his and mine reputation. I am enclosing my non-conformity statement with this letter of defence. I assure you that your packages will be returned to you in good shape and for my surrender I held myself accustom of paying you compensation money worth $3000.00 and this was all I can do to overcome your grief and mine guilt as well.

As mentioned in the policy of contract my company representative Mr. Jones Sit will eyewitness the tender’s opening on October 20 th , 2017 for transparency for both of us. I will pursue other tender statements with you if my uneven financial circumstances will allow me to go for such ventures in future.Thanking for your consideration and time.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Ramp Seal David,
30 th September, 2017.

Sample  Defense Letter against Tender of Purchase

The Manager,
Brighton Company,

Subject: Defense letter against tender of purchase

Respected Sir,

Greetings! With reference to LPR# 002345, I am succumbing herewith the purchased tender document appropriately filled in with necessary charges and sum for each of the programmed items both in figures and words. I am sorry for returning and culminating the tender after its purchase, but I had some other major commitments that came forth out of no bound and I could not figure out what to do so here I am also enclosing the nonconformity statement in respect of tender schedule items five thousands packs of raw petroleum and solid coloration packages of worth $50000-000 with defence for the deviation thereof. I have also attached the necessary credentials as well with this letter.

As preferred by you, I am enfolding two sets of tender documents fittingly signed and stamped on behalf of General Secretary in two distinct taped up packets and a Demand Draft in respect of Solemn Money for $ 400000. I am ready to pay the compensation money after you had accepted what was given to you by me in form of tender.

As mentioned in the policy of contract my company representative will eyewitness the tender opening on October 20 th , 2017 for transparency. I will pursue other tender statements with you if my uneven circumstances allow me to go for such ventures in future.Thanking You in anticipation

Yours Truly,
Josef Mehra,

Purchase Order Template

Sample format for Purchase order for new machinery. Business hub requires advance and modern touch in their set up to grow internationally or on wider scale and for that reason purchasing of new machinery is mandatory. Such format is real help for those who want to do bidding in a very persuasive manner.

Sample Purchase Order for New Machinery

                                         TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN



We are a growing industry in manufacturing of cars and (touching wood) trending viral nowadays. We are on the vest of launching our new model and got short of few parts of machines. After research, we came to know that the required parts
are with you people. We are humbly requesting to kindly fulfill our purchase order ranging 50000$. As soon as we get the order confirm, we will pay you in cash or cheque or in whatever mode you like us to pay in, we will pay you. Thankyou.


Mr. Deva Desai,
27 th march, 2017


Sample purchase order, all terms and conditions are decided in purchase order payment schedule delivery details and advance payment percentage,tax percentage are also mentioned in it

Purchase Order Terms  And Conditions


Mr Haroon

Shield House

45-haji Plaza Hall Road


Dear Sir,

With reference to your quotation we are pleased to inform you that your quotation for 15 Trophies 8″,9″ and 10″ size and one shield total worth Rs 21000/= has been approved.

Please deliver the Trophies and shield by 24-1-2014

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Ahmed Iqbal
Chairmen Purchase comity
Hamza Foundation