Request Application for Staff Recruitment

Request Application for Staff Recruitment.This is sample application for new staff hiring. If any department/office/school need new members/workers/employees for the department due to official work load.They can use this easy format of recruitment.Necessary changes can be done according to need.

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Request Application for Staff Recruitment

Mr Jalal Ahmed
Vice President & Chairman Finance
Rahber Foundation

Subject: Request for New Staff Recruitment in Marketing Department

Respected Sir,

It is stated that, currently four working personnel are on duty in the Resource Development Department. Everyone is time bound and work oriented. As you are well aware that the Month of Ramadan is about to come and the working load will be at its peak during that particular span, owing to the target which RD personnel have to achieve by combine efforts.

In order to efficiently distribute and fulfill work requirements we are in need of about three(3) new Resource Officers  in our department. I request you to kindly, consider this application as soon as possible and make sure the recruitment of new staff members in Resource Development Department on priority basis.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Mrs Humma Rana
Manager Marketing

Request Application for Staff Recruitment
Request Application for Staff Recruitment

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