Request Application for Printing Machine

Sample Request Application for Printing Machine.This format can be used for any require item for office like scanner,computer etc.

Request Application for Printing Machine

Mr Rana Ahmad
Vice President & Chairman Finance
Rahmat foundation

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that the Printing Machine Number:DP-8020 is being used since last 8 years in Resource Development Department. This machine was provided by M/S Mansha Brothers on special discounted price.The working capacity of this machine has been utilized up to its maximum and it is not going to help us in future, as it cannot bear the upcoming burden of printing load for Ramadan Campaign. We are in utmost need of a new printing machine and the Mansha Brothers are willing to replace this old machine with a new one at a special discounted rate. Mansha Brothers is sole agent of Panasonic and we expect maximum discount from them.The quotation is attached with the application. Kindly, allow us so that we may continue our work without any hurdle.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Mrs Huma Khan
Manager Adminstration

Request Application for Printing Machine
Request Application for Printing Machine

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