Request Application for Food Allowance

Sample Request application for food allowance. Marketing is a tough profession as it consumed the person mentally and physically. Food is the basic necessity, but costly in certain areas as well. This application can be used by persons who wanted to request the allowance for food from their respective companies.

Sample Request Application for Food Allowance

The Manager,
Kits and Kid Toys Company,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject: Request for Food Allowance

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due reverence and honour that I am sales representative of your company from the last three years and travelled to far off places in order to promote the new items every year. Recently, more countries are added in the promotional sector and towards the East belt, food is costly and I can’t afford to fill my belly with my own pocket so I am in need of food allowance whenever I shall be sent to that area. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Mr. Ferry Tom,
25 th september, 2016


Sample Memo format  for lunch from company. Appreciation is the key to success and with this key one can touch the sky as limit! Companies who wanted to make their staff forever theirs arrange such appreciations in form of lunch or other food time can use this format.

Sample Announcement Email for Lunch from Company

Precious Staff,
Jalapeno Noodles Company,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject:  Email for Annual Lunch

Respected Staff Members,

We are here to share little good news with you all! First, we had achieved a remarkable success in achieving sales target! As a token of gratitude, we are giving you bonus of $1000 for three months! Congratulation!
You are warmly welcome to attend the annual lunch ceremony so that we can toast our success together! A hilarious day it would be for all of us! Come and join us at 1:00 pm sharp in formal dress code. We love you.

Yours own,
25 th September, 2016

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