Sample Discount Offer Letter for Regular Users

Sample discount offer letter for regular users. The globalization is most effected by telecommunication companies as with one touch it can connect you anywhere in the world! Special packages are designed to attract their users and to earn their trust in them. This letter is for the telecom companies who wanted to appreciate their users.

Sample Discount Offer Letter for Regular Users

Mr. John Andrew,

The world call Telecom Company,
Mexico, United States of America.

Subject: Sample SMS discount offer letter for regular users

Dear John,

Congratulations! Surprised? Yes! This is what we intended! I am Mr. Smirnov Thomas, the CSR, and I am here as a representative of my company and we thank you for your contribution in earning us a good name and off course the wealth!

As a leading telecommunication company we care for our regular users and put in efforts to make them even more proud on the company they invest their time and money. We are aware of the value of money in this mercenary world and try to never let the morale and pocket of our users down and sacked! Right now, I am feeling tickled to put in the picture that you are fortunate enough to get the DISCOUNT in SMS offer for a month nationally and internationally both.

Once again Congratulations from our team. We care for you and wanted you to let us know about your FIRST FEEL! Don’t forget to read us the quality of service you get in this discounted package in SMS. With your suggestions we can improve and grow together. We are hoping a welcoming advance from your side at the end of time limit. Regards.

Yours well-wisher,

World call Telecom
25 th sept,2016


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