Fee Concession Application for College Students

Sample Fee Concession Application for College Students.This application is  for College/University students applying for fee concession from the college/university. Necessary changes can be done. Easy format is here.

Fee Concession Application for College Students Sample

Saint Charles English Medium School,
Subject: Fee Concession application

Respected Madam,

With due Respect, My father has long deceased and my mother is not fit for working as she is suffering from a number of ailments, so the responsibility of the entire household has fallen on my frail shoulders. I have three siblings, all younger than me who are studying in school.

I have to pay their fee and purchase other school necessities for them. After I buy ration for my family there is not much left of the salary that I earn from my job. Also I have to purchase medicines for my ill mother and pay the bills for her weekly check up too high for me to pay. I cannot pay the admission as well as tuition fee and other charges of electricity and sports inclusive of college magazine.

I am quite good and brilliant in studies as my educational record is a clear testimony of my words. I want to help out my family from the grave circumstances and for that purpose I want to go for even higher studies for the better job settlement opportunities.

Kindly cooperate with me in this regard and if you need any evidence to cross check whatever I have said then please let me know so that I can provide your highness with the crystal clear transparent proofs of my truth stated in these lines. I will be highly grateful for your grant of fee concession to me and I promise when I will (in the future to come) stand on my foot on financial basis I would repay all the concession you graciously granted me.

It is stated with due respect that I belong to a very humble family Secondly the fee of our college is outstandingly too much and way.

Thanking in anticipation

Yours Sincerely,

Rohit Sharma
Class 12( Pre Medical) Roll No: 13
Dated: _____________

Fee Concession Application for College Students Sample
Fee Concession Application for College Students Sample

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