Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for New Restaurant

Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for New Restaurant Sample.This letter is for Restaurants owners who wished to call upon Chief Guest for the fame of their company. You can use as invitation letter for opening ceremony.Necessary changes can be done.

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Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for New Restaurant

Dear Sir,

In the name of ALLAH the most merciful the most compassionate friends and family, skate holders and your close cooperation I as an owner of this newly built restaurant became able to stand for the expenses and quality maintenance that is most needed in nowadays world of fraud and soul less business arcades. People are getting sick or even died of serious ailments because of eating unhygienic food normally worm-stricken, fouled-smell and cooked in unhealthy cooking oils or vegetable ghee.

Seeing the sufferings of my people and the harmful and tragic consequences of eating and devouring the malicious food I decided to open up a restaurant of my own and promised to serve my nation with quality and quantity not compromised on health issues at any cost. I tried, struggled and discussed the idea with my close ones. All whom I approached consented to my idea and gave their help in form of money or idea and suggestions. With this toil work I became able to write this innovation letter to your special self as a Chief Guest of the inauguration ceremony held at _________ on _________ from ____pm to ____ pm

The food items and deals that we present in this restaurant are: Continental Dishes, Italian cuisine, Russian and Chinese food, special shakes oozed out of fresh fruits, flavoured ice creams, desserts, nicely baked cookies and cakes, pizzas and soft drinks. Special discount offers are also available on Sunday Deals and Family Pack Deals.

Kindly Sir/Madam come to honour the place with your charismatic and gracious self. I with my restaurant staff will wait for your kind reply.

Best Regards,



Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for New Restaurant
Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for New Restaurant



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