Application for Separate Room in Hostel

Sample Application for Separate Room in Hostel. If any student or working person is living in hospital and require separate room on his/her own she/he may write application to get allotted the separate room, if the facility is available. Simple Format is provided and you may alter it as per need.

Sample Application for Separate Room in Hostel

The Hostel Warden,
AMG Girls Hostel, B- Block.

Subject: Request for Separate Room

Respected Sir,

It is stated with obedience that I am new comer in AMG Hostel from out of station and I am currently staying in B-Block and my room number is 26. My purpose of writing is that, it has been two weeks in this hostel and I am unable to adjust with my accommodation. Firstly, I had to share room with seven girls but due to inconveniences I switched my room with four other girls. I regret to say but still I am not satisfied with the current scenario, neither there is proper cleanliness nor other facilities and toilet section is far away as well.

I get to know that there are separate rooms available too on special charges. I request you to kindly allot me a separate room in A- Block along with mess. I have paid the charges for a month, already. Whatever the new charges are to be paid you can inform me and shift my mess to A- Block. As, I have found services in A-Block more satisfying. Please make sure the allotment is on priority basis as I am already suffering.

I hope that you will consider my request as soon as possible and allow me to switch my room. I shall be highly obliged on prompt action of yours. I have attached the copies of hostel fee paid along with my identity card for your review.

Thanking you ahead of time.


Neha Sharma.
Contact: 000-000-000.

Application for Separate Room in Hostel
Application for Separate Room in Hostel

Request for Separate Room in Hostel

Hostel Warden,
Government College,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Subject: Application for separate room in hostel

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I request you to allocate a separate room for me in the hostel. Currently, I am sharing a room with three other students all of whom are my seniors. I do not wish to complain about any misconduct since I uphold the values of camaraderie that have been instilled in us. To say the least I am having trouble keeping up with my studies.

In order to compete on a leveled basis with my peers I need a supportive environment where I could function properly, one that could allow me to learn and practice classwork. To do the above, I need to have a room of my own. I would be grateful if you entertain my request and even more so if it is processed before term exams and preparatory leave.

Yours Obediently,

Arslan Fareed
23 rd September, 2017.


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