Application for Migration

Sample Application for Migration is provided below. If any student wants to get migrated from one to another Government College/University he/she may write application mentioning the reason to the Head of Department or Principal.

Sample Application for Migration

The Dean,
Faculty of Computer Science
ABC University.

Subject: Application for Migration

Respected Sir,

With due esteem and regard, it is stated that I am student of Grade 11 in this prestigious institution. Sir, I want to inform you that I live in hostel as my family lives in another city. I came here for the purpose of getting education. Unfortunately, an issue is creating hurdle between my path and that is my poor health.

I am suffering from severe stomach disorder as I have to utilize non-homemade food and this has caused me infection. I’ve been ill for a month and doctor have prescribed me bed rest with prescribed diet which is only possible at home. After discussion with my parents the final verdict is migration in the Government College of my city namely X.Y.Z College.

I understand it would be huge loss of my education if I’ll take leave in between the study year. Therefore, migration is the possibly best option for the time being. I hope that you’ll consider my request and will grant me migration to X.Y.Z College. Sir, I shall be obliged enough and grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Roll Number

Sample Application for Migration
Sample Application for Migration

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