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Sample Letter Format of Migration Announcement

Sample letter format of migration announcement. Leaving for good is a heart rendering moment for everyone, but this heavy decision is made for the betterment of family and for the excellent future ahead. Announcements for migrations are made to inform their dear and near ones for further communication and to avoid any confusion.

Sample Letter Format of Migration Announcement

The Manager,
Elite Bandit Company,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Migration announcement letter

My dear colleagues and other staff members!

Good day! I hope you all will be fine and residing happily with your loved ones. I am putting this piece of paper on this bulletin board that envelops an information of my leaving this city for good. There are certain issues behind my migration to California. Few are listed below:
1. My daughter got an admission in her Doctoral program and she has no heart to miss on this opportunity.
2. My wife’s parents are residing in that state and it would be easy for us to move in their lodge and get ourselves free from the burden of rents and on- guard duties of the children.
3. I applied for the post of Manager in Accounts in the leading Law firm of California and luckily I got the job there. California has proven herself a blessing for both of us: me and my daughter!

Time spent with you and with Texas is exemplary and hard to be forgotten, but one should move in his life for a change and if the change is positive then it must be availed sooner. I will be approachable to all my loved ones on my contact number +23670-096- 24 and you can also delight me with your visits at Street no. 54 Oak Avenue, West California. Just make me a call and I will pick you from airport. Thank you for you love and care.

Best Regards,
Mr. Dwight Lane,
30 th September, 2017.

Migration Announcement Letter Format

Dear Staff Members

Greetings! I hope you all will be fine and residing happily with your loved ones. I am putting this paper on this bulletin board for a very grave reason. This is to proclaim that my family including my wife Ms. Annie, two daughters Anna Doe and Laura Doe will be drifting soon to Paris. It saddens us all that we would only have a little time to catch up as we will be leaving next month and had to do lot of packing. This big pronouncement of our family is directly in line with a post graduate opportunity of my daughter and that I could not let go for her future. Along with this, Annie and my other daughter also expressed their commitment to stay there for good where we think we can live more contentedly since my employer’s main office had moved there as well. I am taking offs from the office and will not come from tomorrow in order to get the work completed for moving to Paris.

As you collect this letter, we would like to thank you for the love and support you have showered on our family. While we may not see each other individually like before, we hope can still stay in touch in the coming years of our lives. We worth each and every one of you. Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,

Application for Migration

Sample Application for Migration is provided below. If any student wants to get migrated from one to another Government College/University he/she may write application mentioning the reason to the Head of Department or Principal.

Sample Application for Migration

The Dean,
Faculty of Computer Science
ABC University.

Subject: Application for Migration

Respected Sir,

With due esteem and regard, it is stated that I am student of Grade 11 in this prestigious institution. Sir, I want to inform you that I live in hostel as my family lives in another city. I came here for the purpose of getting education. Unfortunately, an issue is creating hurdle between my path and that is my poor health.

I am suffering from severe stomach disorder as I have to utilize non-homemade food and this has caused me infection. I’ve been ill for a month and doctor have prescribed me bed rest with prescribed diet which is only possible at home. After discussion with my parents the final verdict is migration in the Government College of my city namely X.Y.Z College.

I understand it would be huge loss of my education if I’ll take leave in between the study year. Therefore, migration is the possibly best option for the time being. I hope that you’ll consider my request and will grant me migration to X.Y.Z College. Sir, I shall be obliged enough and grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Roll Number

Sample Application for Migration
Sample Application for Migration