Warning Letter by Parents to Principal

Sample warning letter by parents to principal on increasing security guards.  Security plays a pivotal role in the lives of people nowadays whether it is the security of a child or an adult….it is equally matters and warnings are sent to respective high ups on seeing any loophole in the security system. This easy format can help such persons in coining good words for a good purpose. Please feel free to use this format for your own means. Sample letter format of warning letter by parents to principal on increasing security guards.

Warning Letter by Parents to Principal

The Principal,
Allied Aster High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Warning on the account of security guards

Respected Sir,

Good day! We hope you will be fine and safe in your life.
Sir, you knew what had happened in the school yesterday! My four year son had reached the home all by himself and well before the ending time of the school! The question here arises that how a child of this tender age crossed the gate of the school and nothing stirred in the administration of the school! All were sleeping together with the CCTV Cameras??? This is the biggest question on your administration and management? Where were the guards? Where were the teaching staff? Where were you? If my son had met any accident while crossing the roads that are rush and busy all the time! Who will be responsible for this act? Isn’t it reckless?
My son had reached home by himself and safe and I understand that
school routine is tight and hectic in these days so I am not filing FIR against your institute, but I warn you to keep a strict action in this regard and increase number of security guards in your school otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

Best Regards,

Mr. Rock Ronaldo,
13 th February, 2018.

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