Thanks Letter for Job Offer

Sample Thanks Letter for Job Offer. If any person has applied for job in any organization and after interview he/she is selected and received the job offer letter, he/she have to write Thanks Letter for the job offer which ethically imparts a good impression. Either letter can be short & simple or detailed, but make it sophisticated enough. Easy format is provided below.

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Thanks Letter for Job Offer

The Hiring Manager,
Monsanto Association.

Subject: Thanks Letter for Job Offer

Dear Sir,

With gratitude I am writing to Thank You for the astounding opportunity to work in your organization as a ‘ Project Manager’. I just received the appointment letter and I am contented to get such incredible chance. I was confident after my interview, but still one have to wait for right time. I am mentally well prepared to start job in your organization from 3rd July, 2015 as mentioned in the appointment letter at a salary of US$3000/month.

I will equip the job with my best skills and capabilities, as a proof of your foremost selection. I am extremely obliged for this turn and I hope that your team would enjoy my company as well. I’ll try my best to get indulged and adapt the environment once I join.

I hope to be there on Tuesday Morning at sharp 9 am.

With Best Regards,

James Green.
Contact: 000-555-555.

Thanks Letter for Job Offer
Thanks Letter for Job Offer

Thank You Letter for Job Offer

The General Manager,
EMB Global.

Subject: Thank You Letter for Job Offer

Dear Mr. Kim Steve,

I am overjoyed to get the Appointment Letter by ‘EMB Global’, against the post of ‘Marketing Manager’ on the salary of ‘US$ 3500 per month’. I am obliged for this look-in. I am grateful to you for providing me with such appreciable chance. I will use my experience and expertise to consummate the requirement of this job. I will work with dedication and commitment and use my interpersonal skills for organizational growth. I am thankful for this moment. You may feel free to contact me, to decide my joining date and all.

Thanking you once again.

Yours Sincerely,

Eva Kinly
Contact: 000-000-000.

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