Request for Experience Letter from Company

Request  letter for experience certificate from company. Letter is sent from any ex-employee or any employee working within the company. Any person who after leaving company did not get his/her experience letter can write request letter. Can be used for any required post. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used according to designation. It can use as job experience  letter from company format.

Request for Experience Letter from Employer


Subject:  Request for Experience Letter
Dear Sir,

I have been employee in your valued organization since 10 years. I was working on the post of ‘Deputy Manager’ since last 3 years. I had a remarkable time in this company. I have always been an intended person and achieved targets assigned to me within time. Its been three weeks when I resigned from here.
I mentioned that due to my family problems I have to shift from here. I traveled to another city and luckily due to a lot of experience, found many job there related to my profession. As, I am a working person, i can’t sit idle for long time, my family is dependent upon me. 
As, i have to apply somewhere else so, i need my work experience letter from this organization because it is a requirement of every organization. I have a good worth here, and hope that you will consider it. I am requesting you to provide me my Experience Letter soon, because i am dependent upon that.
I will be highly obliged.


Designation: __________

Request for Experience Letter from Employer
Request for Experience Letter from Employer


 Request for Issuance Experience Certificate

The principal,
Modern School
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Experience certificate for English teacher

Respected Madam,

It is stated that I have spent four years serving this school and now that I am leaving I need an experience letter reflecting the years I have spent here. I have been an English teacher as well as an academic coordinator and have spent some blissful years in this school.

I have love being a part of this institution, some of my most cherished memories start here and this is where I realized a newfound love for the subject I had long forgotten I revered. I am sorrowful that I have to leave, but one must let the events of life take their course. I shall be grateful if you issue an experience letter for me that would give a clear perspective of the duties I have performed here and the service I have rendered to the school.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Pankaj Mishra
3 rd December, 2015.

Request for Issuance of Experience Letter

The Dulles Foundation,
New Jersey, USA.

Subject: Experience letter for accounts Assistant

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I require an experience letter from your organization as proof of the service I have rendered to you for the last three years. I have had to shift to Connecticut and have to find a new job there. The reason for this is entirely personal. However I need a letter that would effectively state my abilities and my promise to the place I served for years. I have worked diligently and efficiently as an assistant accountant and have meticulously checked and composed all the accounts and related data as well. Although I shall reminisce my time here with a teary eye yet one has to carry on with the course one’s life takes. I shall be grateful if my request is entertained in due time and offers me the opportunity to apply elsewhere.

Yours Truly,

Mr. James Wood.
27 th May, 2014.

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