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Request Letter for Water Testing to Laboratory

Do you want to write a request letter to a laboratory to test your water and approve it? Well, we have provided you with some easy sample letters below that you can use easily to write your request letter to any laboratory for water testing. If you got requests for purchase letters for any other things you can leave your requests in the comment box.

Sample Request Letter to the Laboratory for Water Testing

Intex Laboratories
56 Arena X, Chennai, India

Subject: Request Letter to Laboratory Test Drinking Water of Your Office

Respected Sir,

I am writing you from Genic Tech Institute. I wanted to request your team for water testing. We want to get the water at our office premises tested by a lab to ensure us about the hygienic level of the water and if it is consumption worthy. A lot of our employees have been complaining about the water and reporting health issues that they have been facing and they believe that the water they have been consuming at the office is the reason for their sickness and the symptoms they are having relates to the consumption of contaminated water as well. we can not ignore this issue and can not put our employees at risk of health issues and diseases. To be sure about the safety of our people we want to get our water tested by your laboratory once so that e can assure the employees too so they can seek proper medical attention for their issues.

Kindly contact us via our email and assist us in this matter. We will be grateful. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Hemant Khanna.

Easy Request Letter to the Laboratory for Water Testing

Marina Laboratories
Street C, Mumbai, India

Subject: Request Letter to Laboratory to Test Drinking Water of Your School

Dear Sir,

We are writing you this letter to request a water inspection test for our school from your laboratory. Consuming safe and clean water is the basic thing to stay healthy and contaminated water can make you severely sick we do not want to take any risks regarding the health of our students. many students are taking sick leaves and reporting diseases like jaundice, fever, and stomach issues. We have been fearing that it might be because of the contaminated water. To eliminate this doubt and be sure that we all at the school have been consuming safe drinking water we want a water test to be conducted and be sure of the contamination level of this water.
For this purpose, we can either send you a sample of the water or you can come with your team to inspect it and give us the report. Kindly communicate to us about this matter as soon as possible. We will be waiting for your response. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely
Shreya Goshal

Request Letter to the Laboratory for Water Testing

Jeena Laboratories
Block E, New Delhi, India

Subject: Request Letter to Laboratory to test Drinking Water of Your Society

Dear Sir,

We have been noticing that the water we have been consuming in our society is contaminated. It just does not feel right and sometimes smells a bit off. Most of the people in our block are sick and have been reporting stomach issues and other health-related issues that they believe are because of the unhygienic water. To be sure of the quality of the water that we have been consuming we would like to request a water test/survey of our society so that we can be sure of the water we have been consuming.

Kindly reply to us, we will be grateful for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely
Arijit Khanna.

Request Letter for Water Quality Testing

Company Name,
Address, City

Subject: Request for Drinking Water Quality Testing

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to request a lab test of the drinking water available for employees. Because many of employees are complaining about water quality and some notices health issues and claiming that this happed due to poor water quality. In this scenario, many employees are not feeling secure and showing health and safety concerns.

I request you to please approve water quality testing from the (laboratory name if available), so we can ensure safe drinking water for all of our company staff.

I will be thankful for your cooperation and approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name & Designation

Sample Email Letter to Request Water Testing

Company Name
Address, City

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam

Respected I am writing to request water testing for our office/school/home/society i.e. _ (Name)___ as early as possible.

We notice that the quality of water is not good, but our consumption is increasing day by day. Therefore, I request you to kindly conduct a water quality test/survey so that we can continue to consume water without any doubt.

Kindly consider doing this at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,
_________ (Signature and Stamp),