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Letter to Employee to Waive Off Loan

This is a sample letter to employee to waive off loan. Companies has policies to provide Personal loans to their employees to design their dream home, give their children the best education, make their daughter’s wedding the talk of town, or take that dream vacation with their loved ones or in need of any medical emergencies. They can give loan on easily payable cash installments from their pays and salary on some terms and conditions. Companies also have right to waived off loan on certain criteria.

Letter to Employee to Waive Off Loan

Mr. George
Senior Head Adviser,

Subject: Letter to employee to waive off loan

Dear George!

With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that our board of directors, after reviewing your great performance at job since last 10 years, had decided to waive off your loan of $40,000. Our team as accepted your application of waived off loan from you. All clearance letters would be issued you soon. Please make sure to meet our finance manager regarding your clearance documents by 3.06.18 sharp at 9.00. If you have any other query you can contact our resource manager.
We are waiving off your loan, so you have to sign some new contract with us. In which our utmost demand is; you would not be able to resign from this job for next 5 years. You are bound with our company and if you breach this for any reason you would have to pay all waived off loan with some other legal actions against you. The details of that terms and conditions would mailed you soon, so read them carefully and then sign them.
We wish you best of luck for your future. You can avail all other benefits from our company according to our employee policies. Mr. George! Hopefully, you would continue your work with more motivation and determination.

Yours Truly,
Chief Director
Mr. William Bakes