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How to do better SEO for your Blog?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization tool that helps the people to guide to your website or blog, thus increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website and it all depends on your content….the better the content, the better the traffic. SEO is really important in controlling your future website.

 If you want to get maximum of the traffic to your website or blog, make sure you follow the following guidelines:

  1. Engage your audience: you are writing for your audience, so you must be aware of their needs and mental level. The language that you are using for writing particular blog content, then makes sure it is user-friendly and easy to understand. It must include the questions that might have popped up in the minds of the audience, don’t worry the questions are related to day-to-day life, just keep your focus on the current events or happenings and develop content on it.
  2. Put headings: Headings are like titles, it makes the search easier for the audience to read about. Many times, it is impossible for the audience or reader to read through the entire article and then get to the point of his or her choice, so it’s better to frame each new paragraph under a separate heading.
  3. Write catchy keywords: try to use good words. Now, why good words? The reason is the good choice of words leaves a greater impact on the aesthetic sense of the reader than just the plain coverage of the content. Use catchy or attractive words, so that your audience not only gets the information they desired but also learns new words and increases their vocabulary.
  4. Write comprehensively: Yes, the structured content has way more impact on the readers’ minds than the chunky or irregular scribble of writing. Whenever you are supposed to write, write with coherence, paragraphs must be interlinked and connected to the main topic. Avoid writing sketchy or in parts, irregular write-ups.
  5. Attach imagery: It is said that the human mind remembers and retains information up to 80 % when seen. We can say that human beings are visual learners, so whenever you are uploading your content, make sure to attach the images or pictures. The images must be related to your content and you can add three to four images in each writing. It will make your write-up attractive and more appealing to your audience and lastly market your content on social media. Fun Reading!