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Sample Refusal Letter by University for Admission

In case you have to write a refusal letter to students from admission on behalf of the university. The refusal can be for several reasons that may be present. We have provided some of the samples below for you to take help from. Feel free to leave requests in the comment box.

 Table of Content:

  • Easy format of sample refusal letter from admission because of missing documents.
  • Easy template of the sample refusal letter from admission in the mentioned program because of not matching the criteria.
  • Sample letter declining admission to the university because of late submission.

Sample Refusal Letter From Admission Because of Missing Documents

To: Mr. Rahul Kumar.

36B, Officer`s Colony. Mumbai.

Subject: Letter to decline admission because of missing documents.

Dear Mr. Rahul.

This is to inform you that your admission for MSc Biochemistry has been declined, unfortunately. You were informed twice to attach your migration certificate attested with the submission as this was necessary for your case. We had analyzed the situation and have decided that we can not admit you to the program without a valid attested migration certificate as this is a legal requirement as well. You are shifting from studying under a different board to the Mumbai board. And we need verification from your recent board. In case you provide three copies of your attested migration officer aba week before the deadline the admission department may admit you to the desired program. In case that can not happen, you will be not admitted. Thanks.

Hrithik Khanna.

Admission Officer.

The University Of Mumbai.

Sample Refusal Letter From Admission Because of Not Meeting the Criteria

To: Ms. Shamita Kumar.

Phase 8. BH. New Delhi

Subject: Letter to decline admission as the applicant did not meet the criteria.

Dear Ms. Shamita,

I have been assigned to inform you on behalf of the admissions department of the University of Business, New Delhi. You applied for MBA Batch 2024. Your admission has been stopped and we are sorry to let you know that your application has been rejected. The reason being the documents of the university you completed your BBA were not valid and verified. To avoid any legal and ethical consequences it has been decided to let you know that you would not be able to get admission to our institute. You can try to get the original documents and may apply again with them to get admitted to the institute but till then we are sorry. Thanks.

Varun Dhawan.

Admission Department.

University Of Business, New Delhi.

Sample Refusal Letter From Admission Because of Late Admission

To: Ms. Archanna Chadda K.

Street 13 B. Block B. News Society. New Delhi.

Subject: Letter to decline admission as the application was admitted late.

Dear Ms. Archana.

Hope you are doing god. I am writing you this on behalf of The University of Commerce New Dehli to notify you about your application for admission getting rejected. You had applied very late for admission after the deadline had passed and we had already selected and short-listed our batch and classes. We have received your application request apart from the admission form stating the reason why your admission as late as the board messed up your results and you had to wait to recheck your exams to get your deserving marks. While we understand our issue, we think that admitting you only from the hundreds of other students on the waiting list far before you would be unfair and we have no control over it now. I will suggest you wait for spring admissions to start. Thanks.

Admissions Department.

The University Of Commerce.