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Sample Memo to Implement the Shifting Policy

This memorandum is by office administration to aware employees about new rules of shifting turnovers.

Sample Memo to Implement the Shifting Policy

Respected All Admin Staff,

This memorandum is meant to inform everyone about new shifting policy. This office employee has always obeyed all the rules and regulation and we expected this attitude to be same throughout the time. It seems to have that some of the employees are having hard time with shifting turnovers. Many employees have approached me regarding their shifting problem. Due to the fact, I have taken this query to the management and they have come to the conclusion to
change the shifting policy. It is to inform you that there will be only swaps allowed with your fellow employee and that also, with the management approval. I have attached full form with detail of new shifting policy. If you face any problem in comprehending the new policy, feel free to approach me. I will be happy to help you. Please study the new policy thoroughly and implement it immediately.



Sample Memorandum to Implement the Shifting Policy

Dear Employees,

I am writing this memorandum on behalf of management and administration of office to inform you all about new shifting policy that has been added in office regulations policy. New protocol
has been made by taking into consideration of all the problems, employees were facing about their shifting turnovers. Previous policy is completely stranded because of some member’s disagreement on the policy. We hope that you all go by the rules and follow the new shifting policy rigorously. We have made all the changes in the policy. This new procedure implementation is appointed from tomorrow and people who wants to have shift turnovers can follow the policy. The file is attached with this memorandum. I hope that now this functioning policy would not be inconvenient for anybody. I am looking forward to everyone’s cooperation on this matter. If any of you have query regarding this new policy, please come to my office.