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Sample Article on Which is Effective Freelancing or Working at an Office

Here is an article on which is effective freelancing or working at an office. Everyone can use this according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Article on Which is Effective Freelancing or Working at an Office

While many employees wish to be their own boss and set their own hours, many freelancers desire the stability and security of a full-time compensated position. Although the grass may appear greener on the other side of the stream for both, you must evaluate your priorities and circumstances when determining what is best for you. Both areas have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and which is best for you is entirely dependent on how you wish to work. Full-time employees enjoy the security of a job contract, a known work schedule, and a predictable salary, which allows them to budget for the future. Freelancers will not be paid for any days they do not work, and there is typically no assurance of employment the next week or day. Their earnings are constantly changing. Full-time workers are more secure than freelancers since they receive a consistent monthly income. Even if you are fired, you will be given notice a few months in advance or be compensated in some way. Freelancing jobs are frequently insecure. Employees who work full-time have a manager who instructs them what to do. They must also follow the organization’s regulations, which may be extremely strict. They have less influence over their job and are required to report to their superiors at all times. Freelancers have complete control over their work. They may select what they want to work on and what they don’t want to work on. When to work and when not to work. Full-time employees are given access to a pre-built social network. They are likely to make friends with most, if not all, of the people they work with on a daily basis. Employees are frequently treated to social gatherings and field trips by their employers. Because they work from home most of the time, freelancers are frequently alone. Even if they work for a firm on-site, they are only there for a short time and will soon go. As a result, making friends and forming stronger relationships is more challenging for them. It is entirely determined by your personality. And now that you’ve seen all sides of the options, their advantages, and disadvantages, it’s entirely up to you, your decisions, and what you want from your working life. There is no such thing as one route being superior to the other. They’re just different, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

How to Apply for Free Ecommerce Training

How to Apply for Free Ecommerce Training

 Earning is always considered as a huge success. We come to know since our childhood that only becoming rich means a success, so following this formula, we can say that rich people are successful!

 The question arises that what makes them a tycoon or a great successful person? Do they were very hard working? Their parents had left a huge legacy for them? Were they good in saving money? Well, all the questions could have a possible yes answer, but the history is replete with such people who are self-made and still achieved the summit of success!

How it was made possible? See, common sense is highly recommended when opting for a business. No need to leave the job or not doing any job beforehand and directly dash into the business: in either case the result will be of loss and drowning. It will be a landing, but crash landing! So, before doing any startup of business, search like nerd and plan realistically. No business give you millions in a week, it takes time, so have patience.

Get enough training regarding the business you are trying to do. If you are with no money, even then don’t worry. In Pakistan we have a good and cooperative training platform named as
Enablers.”  The founder is   Mr. Saqib Azhar who had trained a number of people in Pakistan in the field of ecommerce in almost 10 cities of Pakistan.

If you are interested then visit their website: www.enablers.org. Reach out their training form click the option best suitable for you and apply for free, almost free ecommerce training. There are two options one is for the person who earn 30 plus salary, his or her training fee will be different. Second option is for the persons whose salary is less than 30 thousand a month, they will charge you a fee accordingly. In the end of the application form, you need to attach copy of salary slip, national identity card copy, and utility bill copy and here you go for a correct and apt training given by masters of Enablers!

They have good supportive team who feel glad to solve your queries and answer your each petty question.

 Don’t worry, if you have no money, you still can provide your writing, designing, searching the products services. You could be engaged in drop shipping business, virtual assistant, copy pasting, typing, writing lists and what not or what not. They will teach you through series of videos, one after the other with proper demonstration. Good Luck!