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Job Application for the Post of Consultant Cardiologist

A Consultant Cardiologist is a specialized doctor who diagnoses, treats, performs surgeries, and provides rehabilitation and treatments for Heart-related diseases and blockages in the vessel that causes heart problems. These doctors play a big role in performing life-saving procedures on heart patients to save their lives and treat lots of other issues that can lead to diseases. If you are one and are wanting to write a job application these sample applications might prove useful to you. Feel free to leave any requests you have in the comments section.

Sample Job Application for the post of Consultant Cardiologist


The Hiring Manager,



Subject: Job Application For Consultant Cardiologist

Respected Sir,

I am Dr. Abhinav Anand, I am a DM in Cardiology who has a fellowship in Cardiology. I have an experience of 5+ years of working as a consultant cardiologist and heart surgeon in the reputed hospitals in our state. I have a history of performing critical surgeries in the ER. From performing the test on patients to carrying out diagnostic tests to performing critical life-saving surgeries in heart patients to performing regular echocardiograms and performing Angiographies I have my share of experience in all these very certain treatments present for heart patients. Being a specialized cardiologist I have been performing life-saving treatments and am experienced to lead a team and teaching young doctors. I would love to work in your hospital providing consultancy and guidance to heart patients and performing treatments to help them recover. That I why I am applying for the vacancy of a senior cardiologist in your hospital as I think I am for this position. If you want to contact me to discuss anything with me you can call me through the phone number provided on my business card.


Dr. Abhinav Anand.

Job Application  for the post  of Consultant Cardiologist


The HR Manager,

Multispecialty Hospital.

Sonipat, Haryana, India.

Subject: Job Application for Consultant Cardiologist

Respected Sir,

I am Dr. Rajeev Verma, the purpose of writing this is to apply for the vacancy of a Consultant Cardiologist at your hospital. I am a Cardian Surgeon andhav been practicing since 2015. I was working as a senior consultant Cardiologist at AIM Hospital earlier but shifted to Haryana and would love to have an opportunity to work with your hospital. I have been treating my patients and can manage your cardiology department easily due to my experience in the field of years. I have performed different life-saving treatments on my patients. Due to my sound knowledge and grip in the department, I can manage a cardiology team and can also provide guidance to intern doctors in your hospitals. I hope this relationship if established will prove to be beneficial for both of us as I have also been looking to challenge myself and increase my reach and research in my field. You can contact me through my phone number to discuss further responsibilities or schedule a personal meeting with me.


Dr. Rajeec Verma.