Medical Negligence Complaint Letter about Staff Nurse

This complaint letter is by girl about staff nurse who is very rude and does not cater the patients or perform her duties.

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Medical Negligence Complaint Letter about Staff Nurse

The Management,

National Hospital.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this complaint letter against one of your staff nurse in cardiac department. My mother is admitted in a ward and her behavior towards us is very rude. It doesn’t just include us but all patients in the ward. She is extremely annoyed all the time. If you ask her anything, she gets all irritated and never does your work or offer help. She doesn’t even pay attention to fulfilling her duty norms, she is always in seek that when doctor goes away so she can go out of the ward and come back when doctor’s timings are for checkup. We had to give our mother injection as prescribed by the doctor but staff nurse was nowhere to be found. I had to go to the brain department to find the nurse. It was such a bad experience.
We are shifting our mother to another hospital.

Feel free to contact me for more investigation.



Complaint letter to doctor about their hospital staff which has shown you rude behavior.

Complaint Letter to Doctor about Staff


The Doctor ,


This letter is directed to Dr. George Ford, cardiac surgeon. I am Ms. Katie, sister of the patient 3486. We are treating our sister’s heart problem in your clinic. Your clinic is well renowned about its success and good work. That was the reason we considered your clinic for our sister’s heart surgery. Therefore, we have not been facing any problem with treatment or anything particularly about you but I want to complain about your clinic staff.
The head of the staff is a very lousy woman and she does not cater any problem with smile. She is a very aggressive woman with anger issues. I have seen her screaming in a corridor which is not a healthy thing for the patient as patients could have been easily heard her. I want to point this thing so the good name or reputation of your clinic does not go down. Please take strict action against your staff.

Waiting your feed back.



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