Response Letter by Doctor Against Complaint

Response Letter by Doctor Against Complaint

Dear Sir,

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Your complaint was forwarded to me by our higher medical authorities. I have read your complaint and I fully understand your concern. We know it is a very difficult time for whole world and doctors are doing what they are actually trained for in such circumstances. We are trying to give our best to patients and treat them as soon as possible. I know that doctors may seem to be in rush and moving to another patient really quickly but they are actually given instructions to give time to patient according to their condition. With that being addressed, I have taken strict action against doctors who are not following the rules and not prescribing all
medication to the corona virus affected patient. I hope you understand that we all are in this together and we are trying to fight corona virus and, in this fight, we need your help by taking precautions instructed by government. Thank you.

Response Letter by Hospital Management Against Complaint

Dear Ma’am,

I hope you are doing well. I have read your complaint letter against our hospital doctors. I understand that our whole nation is suffering from a havoc and everybody is more cautious than before. Doctors are trained to handle the situation so we can provide the assistance to each and every patient. As you know that patient ratio has become higher in this pandemic than usual so the burden has also increased. About your complaint, I have totally taken it into consideration and action is going to be taken against doctors who are violating any regulations in such critical situations and not providing their assistance rightly to affected patients. I assure you that you will not witness such incident again in our hospital. I appreciate your concern and for lodging the complaint as soon as possible. You are free to complaint if you ever witness such incident again. We are in this together.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Head of HR

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