Transfer Cancellation Request Letter

Request Letter for Cancellation of Transfer Order. Application letter to stop transfer order of job . The given formats of request letter for cancellation of transfer order can be used by any government official or employee if there’re issued any transfer letter and they are finding in non-feasible to leave the city.

Transfer Cancellation Request Letter

Mr. Vivek Sinha
Director Water and Sanitation, New Delhi.

Subject: Request letter for cancellation of transfer order

Respected Sir,

I hope that this letter finds you in best of health and spirit. My purpose of writing is to let you know about a serious concern of mine. Sir, I have been working as a Senior Clerk since a span of 3 years in this prestigious department and my appointment was made in the year 2015, on contract basis. Recently, my contract got renewed but unfortunately I am issued transfer order to Mumbai. Sir, in spite of working as an employee here I am also taking private tuitions and part time teaching in academy in order to run my family circle.
Being the only son, I have to take care of my parents and sisters as well. It would be huge problem for my family to have survival without me. Sir, I humbly request you to please cancel my transfer orders. I have no other option for survival of my family if I leave the job and I don’t want to do so as I am a diligent worker. I hope you’ll consider my request. I shall remain obliged.

Yours Sincerely,
Name: ————-
Contact: ——————

Request Letter for Cancellation of Transfer Order

DG Planning and Commission, Lahore.

Subject: Request letter for cancellation of transfer order

Respected Sir,

I am writing with awed respect to inform you that I have joined this department since a year as an Assistant on BPS-14, on permanent basis. Sir, I have been issued my transfer letter to Islamabad this morning. Very unfortunately, I am finding it non-feasible for me to move to another city on immediate basis. Sir, I am the eldest daughter in family and have never traveled out of station. Moreover, my parents are concerned and they find it non-convenient for me to shift to other station. We don’t have any relative living there as well so that I might get adjusted. Sir, please accept my humble request for the cancellation of transfer orders. I shall remain indebted.
Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Letter to Revoke Transfer Order (Private Sector)

Respected Sir,

With due reverence and respect, I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have been working in this eminent and renowned organization for five years. This organization has gave me the best learning opportunities and as well as ability to trust my capabilities and grow into my career. I am very delighted to be a part of this company and will continue to prove my loyalty. Recently, I have been issued a transfer order to another city of this country. Sir, I have also been transferred before and I paid my duty but this time conditions are quite different for me. I got married and I have family of my own which is settled here, close to this location of company. It would not be possible for me to do a job there. I hope you understand my concern. I would not have wrote this letter if transfer was easy and possible for me.

Yours Sincere,

Mehta Singh

Sample Letter to Revoke Transfer Order

(Government Sector)

Respected Sir,

It is my request to you to acknowledge my letter as soon as possible. I came to your office regarding transfer issue and you asked me to write an official letter. Therefore, it is stated that I work as a senior clerk in this office. My period of working here is 6 years. It has been a pleasant experience. Everybody knows me around and about my details. I am writing this letter to request to you to please revoke my transfer order. My recent transfer order has been shifted to another city which is five hours away from my accommodation. It would not be possible for me to accept this transfer as it will take maximum ten to twelve hours travelling going and coming back to home. It is my kind request to please consider my position and my previous performances. Kindly, revoke my transfer. Please contact me for further discussion.

Yours Truly,




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