Request Letter to Participate in International Conference

Request Letter to Participate in International Conference. Professionals share their empirical work of case studies and researches through seminars, national and international conferences which high lights the cultural issues and give solutions to them. This is a sample written request letter to participate in international conference.

Request Letter to Participate in International Conference

Dr. Ellis,
Medical College of London.

Subject: Request to read paper in international conference

Respected Sir,

I disclose the news with pleasure and happiness that we are conducting three days international conference for professionals, beginners, students and teachers in March 2019.Dr. Ellis I read your article in news paper, it was really great work and no doubt the innovative work as well. I appreciate your thinking style and management of tacking that critical case. Sir, I must say that we are conducting international conference on “Pregnancy, the care time for female”, your article is also related with this topic as if we ignore the pregnant lady the after effects in the form of disability in children.
Please it would be an honor for me if you present your article as a research paper in our international conference. It would definitely, opens the new doors for our beginners, students, experts, professional and teacher’s thoughts. Our little efforts would one day bring a good change in the society. Kindly inform us about your opinion about this offer. We can imagine that you are already involved in many other important tasks but if you consider our plea, it would be great honor for our institute and it would be a great opportunity for us to gain some knowledge through your experience of 35 years of service. I am waiting for your positive reply. Sir, I am sending you all other details and venue of international conferences with the information of all resource persons. If you like to present any other of your empirical work please let us to know. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Danny,
Head of International affairs.
University of Medicines.

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