Parent Teacher Conference Letter

Sample parent teacher conference letter if the parents feel the need to discuss anything with school management, they may get an appointment through school front desk/reception, through this suggestions parents and teachers will be able to prepare kids for better future both mutual efforts and better coordination will make students more better

Parent Teacher Conference


Dear Parents,

Assalam o alaikum

I would like to thank all the parents who have submitted their suggestions in the suggestion box or whom i had the privilege of meeting on the Parent teacher meeting during my visits to various areas of the school. We always welcome constructive suggestions from our parents to future improve the system and .I thank you for your input and assure you that due consideration will be given in our future planning regarding some of the suggestions.

At AES  we believe that a strong relationship between parents and management is extremely important for proper “terbiya” and education of students. In this regard i would once again like to inform you that school management has given full authority to vice principal and the heads of the sections to resolve day by day issues. If you have any concern regarding your child you may see them on prescribed days on given time. In this regard please note that it would not be possible for them to see the parents at all the times and especially without appointment.

Incas you do not get an appointment from any of the concerned persons or there is a delay in getting the appointment or you are not entertained at the given time you may send your complaint to the following number or email address. Kindly note that the mobile number can only be used for receiving sms and no calls shall be received on this number.

Cell number………

We hope together we will be able to prepare our kids for a  better future


Khawaja  Naseem
Director LACAS

Parent Teacher Conference Letter
Parent Teacher Conference Letter


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