Request Letter to Dean Regarding Corruption

Sample request letter to dean regarding corruption in education department. Corruption is a crime that could never be compromised on as is a parasite in its very nature. It feeds upon the blood of the host and if the parasite of corruption comes in the education sector then it will definitely eats away the whole education system. Brilliants will be eclipsed by the dull, but tactful. This format is a help for the persons who wanted to eradicate this parasite by putting complaint against it.

Request Letter to Dean Regarding Corruption

The Dean,
Allied International University,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting dean regarding corruption in education department

Respected Sir,

How are you sir? I hope you will be busy enough in forming the formations and extending the revised policies to the concerned persons. I am Andrew Rip, student of 5th year. I am here to report an eye witnessed issue in front of you. Yesterday I went to administration department for getting the admission form of my younger sister. I had applied on her behalf for the freshmen level. I came to get the form, but it was said to me by the residing authority that the admission forms are no longer available for free. I wasn’t in touch with the new policies as very busy in my studies and related researches so I paid 500 for the form and came back home.
Today in the cafeteria, I was by the way talking with my fellow on the admission form changed policy, but to my shock, there was none such! Admission forms are selling like hot cupcakes! Please take a serious notice of it or our future generation will have to pay the heaviest price for
this corruption. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Andrew Rip,
3 rd August, 2018.

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