Sample Letter to Union Council for Filter Plant

Sample request letter to Union Council for filter plant. Getting pure water is a basic need and must be fulfilled. This letter format is a helping hand in writing application to council.

Sample Letter to Union Council for Filter Plant

The Union Councilman,
Water Department,
Bahawulnager, Pakistan.

Subject: Request letter to Union Council for filter plant

Respected Sir,

I am Muhammad Qaiser and a resident of City Garden, Bahawulnager. I recently came from America after completing my PhD in sanitation. I am now an Assistant Professor in the University of Bahawulnager and saw many people having issues of health. Almost 70 per cent of the population had diarrhea and stomach infections! It was shocking for me because I am not a teacher to toddler where it is quite easy to get infected as they are sensitive.

I looked for the reason of this disease; what are the causes of this viral infection; what type of water they are drinking and reached to the conclusion that it was happening due to non-availibity of the filtration plant. If there would be no cleaner water made available to the natives, then I am sorry we are not producing a healthy generation for the Pakistan. Culminated water has the capacity of fatality and no one of us would want our youth die in the hand of dirty water.

I discussed this grave matter with my colleagues and we decided to collect the necessary funds and documentation for the filtration plant to be installed in our vicinity so that all can get pure water and get rid of stomach diseases. I had completed all the necessary documents for the speedy process of planting of filter in our locality. The amount of capital is also ready with me. Kindly pursue the process as soon as possible. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Muhammad Qaiser,
29 th May, 2017.

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