Sample Letter to LDA for Removing Extended Shops 

Sample letter to LDA for removing extended shops on foot paths. Getting undue advantages had become a second nature of our society which must be controlled before it can be too late. Making footpaths as market place is one such crime which should be handled quickly.

Sample Letter to LDA for Removing Extended Shops

The Managing Director,
L.D.A, Control and Check and Balance Department,
Nankana Sahib, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Letter to LDA for removing extended shops on foot paths

Respected Sir,

With the grace of our Guru Granath Sahib, I am here to write a small piece of writing that is bled all over with my complaints. As my introductory sentence unfolded my introduction and religious back ground to you, I would like to introduce myself with you. I am Mr. Maharaja Rathore Singh and a permanent and CNIC holder resident of Pakistan. In Pakistan, I live in Nankana Sahib — — the holy place for our Khaalisa community.

This city is very important for us as annually we all Sikhs gather here to perform our pilgrimage at Nankana Sahib. Yesterday, my relatives from India came here to pay their homage at the sacred place. It was night time, it seems as the entire city has popped out in the markets and the streets. Well, I was walking towards the place and got hit by something as power supply was cut off and there was no light in the nearby garden as well. Hitting was shocking for me as I was walking on footpath. On discovering, I saw a number of people sitting on footpaths selling their product!

I knew the shopkeepers, despite their own shops they are occupying paths in hope of getting more and paying less. Sir, this practice should be banned as I felt ashamed in front of my relative to whom I praised my country a lot! I hope you will see to this matter. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Maharaja Rathore Singh,
1 st June, 2017.

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