Sample Letter to NADRA for Urgent Birth Certificate Form

Sample letter to NADRA for making urgent Birth Certificate Form. Acquiring official documents proves your current alive status. B. Form is mandatory as it is used in almost every walk of life. Persons who wished to apply for this form can use this format.

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Sample Letter to NADRA for Urgent Birth Certificate Form

The Manager,
NADRA Office, DHA Branch,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Letter to NADRA for making urgent Birth Certificate Form

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humility that I am a widow and resident of Lahore city, Garden Town. My name is Ms. Musaarut Naveed and my CNIC was expired in the last year. I did not pay attention towards the expiry date and went busily in my wretched life. I am mother to three children and the eldest one is suppose to appear in the matriculation examination this month.

I had a token of my CNIC number, but the Lahore Board is demanding a B.Form otherwise admission of my son will not be entertained. Our went to offices of union council many a time, but the rules are lengthy and I am now in my old age with having no one at my side. I am all alone and it is nearly impossible for me to take chance of sending the admission of my son in the next year. I am not too rich and unable to afford the fees!

I came to you for help sir; I am in dire need of B. Form so that I can get my child admitting in the matriculation examination which is vital in pursuing the career ahead in his life. I will be thankful if you could help me in getting out of this situation. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Mussarat Naveed,
1 st June, 2017.

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