Letter to WAPDA for Changing Load Shedding Schedule

Sample letter to WAPDA for changing load shedding schedule in Ramadan. Holy month of Ramadan must be kept in true spirit of Islam and for that mental and physical peace s mandatory. WAPDA plays an important role in it.

Sample Letter to WAPDA for Changing Load Shedding Schedule

The Managing Director,
W.P.D.A supply department,
Khoshaab, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Letter to WAPDA for changing load shedding schedule 

Respected Sir,

With the grace of Almighty, I hope you will be fasting happily in this holy month of Ramadan. As you know, my native land comes in the equatorial region. Equatorial regions face extreme hot climate throughout year. It is a small town with very little facilities and luxury. Among the most enjoyed luxuries is the availability of electric power. In other words, we, native, live here because of electricity.

Ramadan has come in the most severe and the hottest month May to June! Survival rate will be too short if the load shedding schedule continues to be the same. The power supply got cut eighteen (18) hours a day! I must say it is inhumane! In this piping and scorching heat, how could young and especially old are going to survive? It is a big question, but this question needs prompt and satisfactory answer. In quest of which I had done my part, by informing you about the critical situation of the people residing in my area. Rest of the answer is in your hand which you can easily give by making necessary changes in the load shedding schedule.

Kindly do not cut the power at Sehar and Aftar time as well in the times after Esha to Fajer as these times are crucial in making and cooking for the occasions. I hope a positive tide from your side. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Muhammad Umer,
1 st June, 2017.

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