Sample Letter Format of Grievance by Employer

Sample Letter Format of Grievance by Employer to his Sub ordinate on Official matters.Business sector has much to do with turbulence and disruptions in the natural flow of its frame work. Making substantial repute is a matter of great difficulty due to high demands and competition. Employer has all the rights to show his grievance on official issues pending on his subordinates. This easy format can be used by employers who wanted to show their grievance on their employee.

Sample Letter Format of Grievance by Employer

The Management,
Crescent Steel Mills Corporation,
Charlotte, North Carolina.

Subject: Letter of Grievance by Employer to his Sub ordinate on Official matters

This is to inform you all that most of our employees are showing negligence according to their work. We have hired new employees to improve our work. But I am disappointed from them and also from my senior employees as they are not able to train new employees well.

IT department of our company is maintained and there is no problem occurring from their side. Finance department comes next to IT department but there are some problems occurring, but they are minor in nature. Main problem has been occurred from our Marketing department to whom we have inducted new employees. These employees are not trained yet and are not satisfying our customers. For every company customers are preferred first.

I have to make it clear to you that our shareholders are very hyper due to this performance. In order save yours and yours colleagues job you have to work with all your efforts to meet their requirements. I am assuming a good result from your side.

25 July 2016

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