Sample Insurance Claim Letter for Marriage Plan

Sample Insurance Claim Letter for Marriage Plan. Marriages are moments of gaiety in any culture and society as it is a religious obligation, but marriages cost a lot of money as well. Insurance companies are in a way a blessing for the dejected families humping for finances. Such format can help the parents who wished to avail the opportunity of marriage plan.

Sample Insurance Claim Letter  for Marriage Plan

The Manager,
Life Risk Insurance Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Insurance Claim Letter for Marriage Plan

Respected Madam,

With due respect and honour it is to state with immense pleasure that my daughter is going to be wed in the coming month of February. The reason behind my writing this letter to you is the financial pursuit. The inscription of this letter to you is to inform you that in the year 2005 I had taken a policy from your association the policy number being BSQ 6534161079 dated
16.10.2005 as Marriage Plan Insurance policy.

I am feeling delighted to tell you that the policy I got from you in the years bygone is now matured as I had paid all the installments on time. As per my knowledge the accurate amount liable to me is 50, 0000. I want to file this claim as I need this money now so that I can invest this money in the marriage of my daughter.

I will be immensely pleased if you escalate the process with speed as much as you can afford. A timely response is awaited from your side and will be much appreciated. Kindly see to the matter deeply as I had enclosed all the important and required documents with this application. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Donald Trump,
3 rd January, 2017

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