Sample Business Introduction Letter

Sample business introduction letter. An introduction letter for a new business is written when one individual or a group of people have started a new business and wish to extend a hand of friendship/relationship to or create a business deal with some other business. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Business Introduction Letter

Good Textile Mill,
92-C Sundar Industrial Estate,
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject:  Business Introduction Letter

We hope that you find this letter in the best of health and spirits. I consider it an honour to write to you and introduce you to our new and unique business. We are aware of the fact that Good Textile
Mill takes great pride in being Eco-friendly and is working towards adopting new and challenging environmental criteria. We at ChemCore share your value and ideas and we are equally dedicated to the responsibility we have to deliver while maintain the standards of a clean and healthy environment.

ChemCore makes use of the latest technologies in recycling industrial waste water. It has been a common yet hazardous practice that companies disposed of their waste water which has been high
in toxic substances either in other waste water repositories or in clean water sources. Water that is high in chemical wastes causes eutrophication since it is high in phosphate and nitrogen, this causes plant and animal life in the aquatic habitat to die.

We at ChemCore specialise in installing water recycling units. These units work in three stages, they purify water for reuse by the factory. If these are installed water can be purified to a level that could make it usable for agricultural use.
We look forward to your encouraging response and would be delighted to contribute towards a cleaner and Eco-friendly world. It is safe water disposal that can help our society become sustainable.


Engineer Ikraam Baig
3 rd November, 2017.

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