Sample Award Nomination Letter for Employee

Sample Award Nomination Letter for Employee. Awards are the days of fruits to be cherished by the employees for their hard work and sense of dedication. This letter format may satisfy the need of awaited persons.

Sample Award Nomination Letter for Employee




Dear Employees,

I extend hail of love and gratitude to all my staff members! A day of ceremony is a token of gratitude for our employees as well as the management. A day of AWARD is much awaited day in the life of each employee of our dedicated team, but all are not fit for the award at the same time. I wish the entire best employee the best of luck for not getting the award this year. They must work really hard for getting this golden opportunity. The criteria we set for the nomination of award is as under:

Leadership qualities
IT skill mastery
Following of proper dress code
Spirit to manage crisis
Taking of prompt decisions
Extending help in creating a team
Developing a sense of oneness with their co-fellow
Helping others out from their problems
Be vigilant
Be professional
Achieving sales target

Such are the salient features of getting our employees judged against for the criteria of Award Nomination. Following names are suggested for the award this year:

Mr. Joe
Mr. Tom
Mr. Joy
Ms. Etna
Ms. Liza
Ms. Elizay
Ms. Charlotte and

I welcome you all to grace the occasion of Award Ceremony held in honour of yours. Be specific about the FORMAL DRESS CODE and time that is 7:00 PM sharp. Congratulations to all of you! May you be blessed with this love and power for eternity.


Mr. Andrew,
16th April,2017

Sample Letter of Award Nomination

Dear John,

We are writing to congratulate you on being nominated for best employee award. Our office anniversary is coming and in this mega event we nominate some of best employees and award them of excellence. We have been monitoring your performance and it was huge delight that you have been very regular and have excellent performance report. You have pitched some of great ideas to our
customers due to which company got some real success and profit. We will be giving you promotion and bonus for being great at work. This event is solely for celebrating the success and acknowledging its employees.

Warm Regards,


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