Award Nomination Letter for Teachers

Sample Award Nomination Letter for teachers. Getting nominated for awards is a pleasant day in the life of any teacher. This sample format may gratify the necessitate of awaited people.

Sample Award Nomination Letter for Teachers

                                      TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

For: Tender Birch High School’s teaching Staff

From: Administration of exterior Wing

Dear Teachers!

Teaching is field of intellect, hard work, courage, facing challenges , taking risk and at the time becoming a very good actor, caring mother, a psychologist and a role model for the students for to be looked up to them. Teaching is never easier and those who choose this profession are really heroes! For their undoubting toil, teachers truly deserve an incentive in shape of appreciation and award.

A day that commences the journey of hard work and dedication is the Annual Award Ceremony! It is celebrated with due pomp and show each year in recognition of our team of intellect for their hard work and passion to do more in the field of education and learning teaching environment.

This year we include certain rules to be sort after before breaking out the name of the delighted award winner. We go for OVER ALL EXPRESSION and SPECIFIC BENT OF MIND this year. The motto we set this year was GROOMING YEAR and the teachers who satisfied this motto are nominated for the award! Hilarious greetings for the chosen one

? English teacher Ms. Leola
? English teacher Ms. Tina
? Geography teacher, Ms. Semi
? Mathematics teacher, Mr. Jones
? Language teacher, Mr. Tom
? Arts teacher, Ms Elizabeth
? Arts teacher, Mr. Freddy
? Science teacher Ms. Jane

We expect a proper decorum fit for position of your teaching profession. Be strict towards the time span both at arrival or departure. Adieu.


17 th April, 2017

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