Sample Thank You Email after Second Interview

Sample thank you email after second interview. Getting selected in field of competency and nerve is a job worth taking. Appointing as security guard is risky, but demanding job and this format ease out the problem of the destined person.

Sample Thank You Email after Second Interview


Subject: Thank you email after second interview for security guard

Dear Sir,

I am feeling obliged that you have given me the chance of getting interviewed for the second time! For me this was a wild card entry and I don’t even thought of getting the chance! You considered me befitting for the job and I am much thankful to you for this kind and favourable action. I will be on time for my job if your highness will select me for this job.

I am trained for this job by Stationed Team, United Kingdom. I am again saying thanks to you and now waiting for a pleasant hearing from you. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jacob Freddy,
17 th April, 2017.

Thank you Email after Second Interview for Sales Manager


Subject: Thank you email after second interview for Sales Manager

Respected Sir,

It is a matter of great honour that you gave me the opportunity to appear for the interview the second time. I was late for the interview first time you intimated us for certain unseen happening in my private life. I approached you for the second interview and in my heart I was not expecting of getting this golden chance, but somehow I took chance and I am really happy to be interviewed today. If you will consider me for this job, I will extract high skills from my past experience in the field of sales department. I right know how and where to hit the ground for achieving good sales record. Now, I am anxious to hear good wave from you. Thank you.

Yours Grateful,

Mr. Jades Stone,
17 th April, 2017.

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