Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Sample Invitation Letter for inauguration of new school branch. This letter format is being used by schools, colleges, academies, tuition centers and universities. Sample Invitation letter to chief guest for inauguration ceremony. You can customize this letter as per your needs by changing the words. Easy format is here.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Minister of Education
Bombay Upper House, India.

Subject: Invitation Letter as Chief Guest for Inauguration

Honourable Sir,

I am a huge, admirer of your because what you did for our educational system is an epic of all time. Please accept my gratitude that I owe for you. You are a man of letter and in spirit none less than a man of steel. You took radical steps to improve the currently pervading educational system of especially our area. Admiring and watching your efforts closely I muster courage in myself and in the name of Providence decided to open up a new branch of my school system.

I opened this new branch of my school in the area where your highness worked a lot for the development of education at all level and for all. My new branch is of Secondary level. In the school there are 45 rooms, a well-organized computer lab, Fine Arts lab, chemistry lab, Biology lab, physics lab and a library packed meaningfully with quality books both for students and as well as for the teachers.

The school has two grounds, one is for playing and other ground contained swings and assembly dice. In the school there is an airy staff room for the teachers and a fully ventilated principal and vice principal’s office. Waiting area is also reserved
for the visitors. The school includes a First Aid room to benefit the students and teachers with necessary health care at the most.

I humbly invite you as a chief guest to inaugurate the school’s new branch. Complete Program detail is attached with this letter.The timings are 9:00-11:00 am. Kindly come and grace the juncture with your pearly self. Waiting for your positive reply. Thankyou.

Best Regards,
Vijay Patil

October2 0,2015

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

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