Application for Change of School Class Section

Sample Format Application for Requesting Change of Child’s’ class section.This letter format is being used by schools, colleges, academies, and universities.If parents and students have faced any problem and want to change the class section they can use this easy format. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Application for Change of School Class Section

The Principal,
Bombay School House, India.

Subject: Application for Requesting Change of Child’s class section

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to state that my son M. Veer Barah Pooth studied in class 5 of section B in your school. In the school due to some reason at internal school level my child was shifted or transferred into B section from section A. I want to reinstate him in his previous section because he is feeling very disturbed because of this change as his friends are in the previous section. So please I request you to kindly change the class section of my child in favour of his better results.

Yours Truly,
Vijay Arvin(Father)

23, December, 2014

Sample Application for Change of School Class Section
Sample Application for Change of School Class Section

Application For Change the Class Section

The Headmistress,
Elementary School,
Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Subject: Application for change of section

Respected Madam,

My son studies in your school in class 3 section B. Recently he has come home with complaints related to bullying. I have paid visits to the school and met with his teachers who have assured me that there is only one boy who is picking on my son and that they will look into the situation.

Despite frequent incidents and complaints they are unable to stop my son from being victimized. It is as a last resort that I am writing to you and requesting you to please change my son’s class section so that he is relieved of his misery. It is painful for a parent to helplessly watch their child suffer at the hands of someone who does not know better. I hope that my son will be looked after well in this school and his interests will be secured by those whom I have entrusted my son with.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Fiaz Raza

Application for Change of School Section

Respected Sir,

With due estimation, it is my humble request that my class section has been changed from A to B and I am writing this application to notify the administration about this flaw. I have been studying here from 6 years and my school section has always been A but recently when new classes are commenced, my name in the class attendance was not being announced and got to know later that it is appearing in another section. It is my request to you to please change my section so I can continue studying in my previous section with my fellows.

Yours Sincerely,


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