Expired CNIC Notification from Bank

Sample Expired CNIC Notification from Bank. If CNIC of any account holder is about to expire, the bank management notifies the account holder about this. The given format is of Expired CNIC Notification or Letter from Bank. Free template is given below.

Expired CNIC Notification from Bank Sample


Name: Mr Raheel Bhati
Blaze International. Yblock Phase 111,
DHA Lahore

Dear Customer,

Subject:  Expired CNIC Notification of your A/C No (12345-345-106789)

Thank you for choosing ______bank for your banking needs. We value the trust and confidence that you have place in us and hope to furter strengten this mutually beneficial relationship.

As per the directives of state bank of Pakistan vide BPRD/BLRD/09/2008-7121 dated September12-2007& BPRD/BLRD-09/2009 Dated October 28,2010, Wherein all banks/ DFls were instructed to update their records of customer’s CNICs and obtain valid copies from those customers whose CNICs have expired.

This is to bring into your kind notice that as per our records,Computerized National Identity Card Number 12345-345-106789 of Raheel Bhati stands expired/expiring on 28-Feb-15.

You are therefore requested to provide an attested copy of your renewed CNIC at your aforementioned branch counters at the earliest.

Once again thankyou for banking with us and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Yours Truely,

Branch Manager.

Expired CNIC Notification from Bank Sample
Expired CNIC Notification from Bank Sample

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