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Appreciation Letter for Teacher

Sample Appreciation letter format for teacher. Appreciation plays crucial part in the professional excellence of the employees and such letter can be used for all teachers/lecturer of schools, academies, colleges, universities and other related kinds of related educational departments. Easy format is here of appreciation letter.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Teacher

To: Ms. Poona Partook

From: Saint Crescent Public High School and colleges system.

School management always assigned you a task in the nick of time or well before the time but you always came up with a new idea and became a soothing soul for us. We appreciate your efficiency and efficacy towards school and yours patching up of hard times with your intellect and proficiency.

A period of just two weeks was given to you to complete the task of Mega Drama event and to deliver the report to boards of director. You not only rehearsed the drama very ably and aptly but you also framed a magnificent report to the directors of board. We are all in awe and value yours in birth talent that you very sincerely pour and gave to this system of education. Board of directors and shareholders of the school and colleges are happy and want to award you with some benefits to those you deserve. In that following benefits are provided to you.

1- School and college management has awarded you with a bonus of Rs. 40 thousand.

2-Your salary has been increased to 20 per cent.

These are the few rewards awarded to you in a thanking way. School appreciates your work by giving you these rewards. We hope same effort from you in up-upcoming months. Good Luck.



Sample Appreciation Letter for Teacher
Sample Appreciation Letter for Teacher

Experience letter for Senior Teacher

Sample Experience letter format for Senior Teacher.This format of letter is being used by all experienced and senior class teachers who worked in any educational center for any subject like English, Science, Physics, Arts and Math etc.Easy format is here.

Sample Experience letter for Senior Teacher

To: Mr. Veer Singh Pardeep

Of: Vishaal Tarur Dikh School
New Delhi, India.

 To Whom It May Concern

This letter is signed in the name of Mr. Veer Singh Pardeep who worked here for the period of five years from October 2001 to October 2005 as a Class Teacher. During his stay with us his character bears good morals and he always fulfilled his duties assigned to him as a Class Teacher. He is a hard working, dutiful and competent personality. During his stay in our institution he worked efficiently and effectively. The students along with management are extremely satisfied from his teaching methodologies and skills.

He actively participated in extracurricular management and was skillful member of the team. He possess good knowledge and command over his work and holds a prodigious experience. Hie have showed the A- category results throughout his working tenure.

We wish him a bright future ahead.

Pavun Kumaar
30th August 2015.

Experience letter for Senior Teacher
Experience letter for Senior Teacher

Experience letter for Primary School Teacher

Sample Experience letter for Primary School Teacher . Work Experience Letter for Primary School Teacher. This Letter can be used by both senior/secondary and junior/primary school teachers who are willing to have experience letter for the designated posts of theirs in the educational institutions. Easy format of  experience certificate is here for your convenience.

Sample Experience letter for Primary School Teacher

Ms. Rathore Singh
                                              To Whom May It Concern

This letter is in the name of Ms. Rathore Singh who was a teacher in the school for the Primary/Junior level. She was working in this educational system from the past three(3) years.She was teaching all subjects and, She was the head of debates program and during her tenure all activities were managed in mannered/organized way. Her all the Annual Assessment Reports grades A-1 in all the sheets. She ranked in boost up words and always consult for advice in any school matter for multiple reasons on the account of her experience. The administration will remember her good work in nice words and we hope she will rendered her best qualities in any institution.She was the good asset of our institution. Due to some personal reasons she is leaving our school,but Best Wishes for her Future Life.

Murrali Vijay,
Principal UP Junior School
July 10, 2015

Experience letter for Primary School Teacher
Experience letter for Primary School Teacher

Experience letter Format for Primary School Teacher

                                  To Whom it May Concern

Please be informed that this letter is in the name of the Ms. Gabriella and issued as experience letter for her new job. She has been working with our school for two years and has been handling three sections of primary level. She is very organized, attentive and kind individual. She possess all the skills that a good teacher should have. She had a separate room as a sports teacher and grooming of students. She has given her effort and dedication to this school and we acknowledge that. We wish her best of luck for her future ventures. Please contact on given details, if further information is needed.

Head of Department,


Easy Format of Teacher Experience

To Whom May It Concern
This is to certify that Mr. ____________ S/O Mr. _____________ CNIC # _______________ has worked as a [Subject} Teacher at our __________ School from ____________ to _____________.We found him punctual, responsible, problem solving, cooperative and energetic teacher during his 5 years teaching period. We wish him for his career success in  future life.
Hon. Chairman

Teacher Grooming Tips Sample

Sample Format of how a Teacher can groom herself.These suggestion can be used by teachers of all schools, universities and colleges.These grooming tips are for the teachers who are interested to have a better change in themselves. Easy Format is here.

Teacher Grooming Tips Sample

1- Remember a teacher is teacher for whole of his life. It’s a 24/7 job and hence amongst the toughest professions of the world.

2- Teachers are the backbones of any educational institution and without them the infrastructure of the system cannot be in the standing position.

3- A teacher must learn different TEACHING METHODOLOGIES and TEACHING STYLES. Teaching APPROACH must be always and ALWAYS POSITIVE.

4- Training seminars and workshops plays a vital role in the enhancement of confidence level of the teachers.

5- Teachers must be well versed and should know the psychology of her students for better learning and teaching experience.

6- Group work must be learnt and dealt with Excellency by the teachers as it helps them to collect and learn different teaching techniques.

7- Visual aids in shape of FLASH CARDS/ SOFT BOARDS/BULLETINS/REALIA should be used by the teachers for VISUAL LEARNERS of class.

8- Audios and Speaking class must be arranged sometime by the teacher to groom the students overall in studies and in confidence area.

9- Lessons must be prepared by the teachers before they walk into their respective classes to avoid any haphazard situation.

10-Reading books is an excellent grooming tip for teachers of all levels. Other than course books a teacher must store interesting books best suited to their taste and stamina. Exploit the information present in the books according to the level of the students in order to make it easier for them to understand.

11– A teacher must wear a wristwatch to be mindful of time and punctuality.

Teacher Grooming Tips Sample
Teacher Grooming Tips Sample

Cover Letter for Assistant Teacher

Sample Cover Letter for Assistant Teacher or Job Application for Teaching Assistant. While writing your cover letter as a ‘Teaching Assistant’ mention your qualities, knowledge, experience and skills. You must have to be active and capable to handle entire class so that you can be preferred. If you have got communication, writing and verbal skills show them in your interview, which will be a positive point for your job. Template is given below.

Cover Letter for Assistant Teacher Position

The Principal,
British School System, New York.

Subject: Job Application for Assistant Teacher

Dear Madam,

Accept my job application of the advertised position of ‘Teaching Assistant’ in your prestigious institution. I have done Graduation in Arts recently and I want to gain experience as a Teacher, to make it my profession. When I saw your vacancy it caught my interest as the requirements mentioned by you are in me and I am really interested to apply for this position. I have experience to handle primary and middle classes as I have also taught Montessori classes for one year.

I am able to handle the entire class, along with maintenance of discipline. I am good at giving lecture when teacher is not available due to my fluent language skills. I can handle responsibilities as substitution teacher as well. I can help in checking copies, making reports and results, writing teaching methodology and planner, I can make sure the assembly preparation by class assigned to me. I do possess good computer skills which makes me perfect candidate for the job. Taking teaching as my passion I would enjoy working with your team and qualified teachers. I will use my skills to serve the institution and I will learn from your valued organization too.

I want to thank you for you time and consideration to read my application. I ave enclosed my Resume and Testimonials which you can view along with my Experience Certificates. I assure you that a chance of meeting would be worthwhile. You will observe my sincerity, competence, punctuality and working skills in a couple of days. If I get a chance to work with you it would be a golden opportunity for me. I hope that my application would be considered.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Eva James.

Cover Letter for Assistant Teacher Position
Cover Letter for Assistant Teacher Position


Job Application for Lecturer

Sample of Job Application for Lecturer. It can also be used as a cover letter for Lecturer. For people and teachers who want to apply as Lecturer in any College or University can use this format of Job application or cover letter. Mention your experience and qualifications. Template is given below, revamp it as per your requirements.

Job Application for Lecturer Sample

The Principal,
Walton College,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: Job application for lecturer

Respected Sir,

I am interested in teaching Mathematics at your prestigious college as a lecturer for intermediate and undergraduate classes. I have masters in pure mathematics. Applied mathematics is also a subject that I have mastery on. Previously I have served as a teacher assistant to my professors. I have been a research assistant for the last six months and have worked on three research papers about geometry.
My research record and impeccable GPA is a reflection of my passion for actuarial sciences. I would be delighted if I am given the opportunity to pass on the knowledge I have gained and to train fresh minds in mathematical knowledge. I am interested in part-time work at the moment, however if that is not possible full-time employment would also be manageable. My resume is attached with this letter. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Adnan Rashid,
13 th August 2015.

Job Application for Lecturer Sample

The Dean,
Faculty of Bio-Sciences,
Punjab University, Lahore.

Subject: Job Application for Lecturer

Respected Sir,

It is stated that come to know about a vacancy of Lecturer in your prestigious institution by advertisement in newspaper ‘The News’ on 7th December, 2014. I thought to write to you as I am associated with the same field and seeking for a better opportunity since long.

Sir, I am Graduate from Punjab University and I did my Masters in Bio-Sciences from Punjab University. Recently I took admission in M-Phil (Evening) in LUMS. Currently, I am teaching in a private college as a Lecturer. I do possess great command over my subject. I own an experience of three years teaching.I consider myself and I will prove to be the best candidate for this job. I do not only teach in fact teaching is my passion.

I can handle all responsibilities associated with the position effectively. I can deal with students at higher level and able to deliver knowledge which I have, to them. I assure you for all my commitments to be true and efficient. Getting an opportunity to work with your organization would be a huge chance for me and I hope to avail it. For further information, I hope you will give me an opportunity of interview.

Enclosure contains my resume and testimonial. I hope that my application would be considered.

Yours Sincerely,

Huda Javaid.
Contact: 0000000
Email: huda555@ymail.com

Sample Job Application for Lecturer
Sample Job Application for Lecturer

Sample Job Application Format for Lecturer Post

The Principal
Crescent Model University for Men
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Job Application for Lecturer Post

With all due respect it is to state that I had recently seen a job advertisement published by you in Daily Times, India. The advertisement sought to have a lecturer with having five years of Hindi teaching experience. Your requirement also refers to a person who has done MA in Hindi with minimum GPA of 3.4.

I am suitable for the job as I am satisfying all the fundamental necessities according to the advertisement. I had educated in various institutes and academies. The only reason of shifting from one institute to another and from one academy to another was the salary offered by them. In all my teaching period of 5 years from institute to institute and academy to academy there is not a single student who had been failed in my subject. This is the only reason every academy and institute approached me to teach. I required joining your institute for handsome salary package and vast green grounds.

You are in need of a qualified and experienced lecturer and I am in hunt of an institute where I can teach the students to the best of my knowledge. We both can gratify our need through this job vacancy. My all the experience letters and result sheets are attached with the application for your reference. Kindly take in concern all the points. I will be happy to join your institute.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Patail Sumbawun
29th August 2015.

Sample Job Application for the a Post of Lecturer

The Dean,
A.B.C college.

Subject: Job Application for the a Post of Lecturer

With due respect, availing this dignified opportunity, I would like to give a brief introduction of myself. I have completed my M.Phil in Computer Sciences. I have also done one year diploma in computer education, which is internationally certified, and have command over the current curriculum. Through some reliable source I’ve heard of a vacancy in your institution.
I find myself as an eligible person for the post. I have performed my educational expertise in different private colleges as well as i have been the principal of _______ school. I shall always be ready to accept new challenges and have a capability to educate the students . For further details kindly find enclosed herewith my CV/and Original Documents for your kind pursuance.

Thanking you for your anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Sample Job Application for the a Post of Lecturer
Sample Job Application for the a Post of Lecturer


Sample job application for any subject lecturer in college. This job application used for lecturer in computer science, lecturer in commerce or application format for lecturer in management. It can be used Application letter job format for universities lecturer. It is a good example for post of lecturer

Experience Letter for English Teacher

Sample experience letter for English teacher. School management can be use any subject teacher like, Chemistry teacher, Maths teacher etc. It can be used as template letter of experience . It is a good example of writing experience letter for teacher or school staff member or  Experience letter for assistant  English teacher,  teacher helper, Experience letter for college professor. Any Academy teacher. It is experience certificate format for English teacher.

Experience Certificate for English Teacher

To Whom May It Concern

It is hereby stated that Mrs Salma Nawab W/O Nawab Qadir has been a worthy companion of the teaching squad of this institution. The students of this institution enjoyed her teaching services from_____ to ________ . During this period she taught English Grammar and text up to the 10th Classes. She possesses good command over English grammar and has an artistic ability of teaching.

She is masters in English and have splendid spoken skills. Due to her efforts our academic standards has improved. She remained very regular and punctual and was found to be subservient. Her efforts proved very helpful in raising the graph of the successful candidates up to 100%. She possesses a sound moral character.

May Allah bless her with marvelous successes in life.


Experience Certificate for English Teacher
Experience Certificate for English Teacher

Sample Experience Letter for teacher form schools. You can use this experience letter format for any subject school teacher job like English Teacher, Urdu Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Physics Teacher, Biology Teacher, Chemistry Teacher, Islamic Studies Teacher or for any other subject that you want to mention.These letters can be used by both senior and junior school teachers who are willing to have experience letter for the designated posts of theirs in the educational institutions.

Sample Experience Certificate for Teacher

                                      To Whom It May Concern

This is certify that __Name__ w/o _____ has been working as a teacher from____ to___ in the School Name……

She is an effective and assiduous individual with exemplary conduct and has an unblemished career record with us. We always appreciated her sincere work, dedication and quest for professional excellence. She is very obedient and cooperative. She is very regular and really deserve for the comments of’ Excellent Teacher’.

I wish her Allah the best in her future endeavors.


Sample Experience letter Format for English Teachers

Ms. Radika Singh
Hanuman Model School,

                          To Whom May It Concern

This letter is in the name of Ms. Radhika Singh who was a teacher in the school for the English subject.She was working in this educational system from the past ten(10) years. Her all the Annual Assessment Reports grades A-1 in all the sheets. She ranked in boost up words and always consult for advice in any school matter for multiple reasons on the account of her experience. The administration will remember her good work in nice words and we hope she will rendered her best qualities in any institution. Best Wishes.

Ajay Kumar,
Principal Hanumaan Model School
July 20, 2015