Announcement Letter of Strike

Sample Announcement Letter of Strike by employees.In any organization the key to progress is always the employees. Taking care of their rights is the responsibility of high ups. Many a time in order to voice their rights employees had to decide the strike. Such Easy format can be used by employees who wanted to wedge a strike against their respective companies.

Sample Announcement Letter of Strike


The Operational Manager,
Steel Holly Wires limited,
Leeds, United Kingdom

Subject: Announcement Letter of  Strike by employees

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Macbeth Jades. I am head leader of workers in gas department from the past seven years. My subordinates are all hard working, eager and initiator of many tasks n my absence. There is not a single complaint that is filed against this department whether on behavior grounds or the on the working grounds. We worked here diligently and with all our power and intellect.

My team had not given the bonus from the past two years each time we were given the pretext of low financial state. We tolerated this remark with patience with open heart and mind and decided to continue the work in hope of having better days. But now we realize that the amount of work is static as was in the shiny financial days so why we are putting in dark and snatching our bonus right from us! My team decided to go on strike and appeal to get the equal rights in all cases from the high ups. I feel it a responsibility to inform you before taking any further step on the strategy. Solve our problem or we will go to denounce this cruelty!

Working Committee
January, 22, 2016

Sample Announcement Letter of Strike
Sample Announcement Letter of Strike

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