Long Paid Leaves for Security Guard

Sample Long Paid Leaves for Security Guard due to Surgery.  Paid leaves are blessings for the patients especially and this letter can ease out the fuss of writing down the application for the required purpose.

Long Paid Leaves for Security Guard

The Chairperson,
Al-Mabrook Financing Company,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Subject: Long Paid leaves for Security Guard due to surgery

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be fine in the piping hotness of Dubai State. I am writing on the behalf of my father who is a security guard in your company. He worked here for more than ten years and now is bed ridden. He is suffering from stomach ache and the doctors suggested a surgery as his treatment. He was bent to continue the job with this pain and aching state, but I cannot see him in pain anymore. He is a very regular and punctual worker and never took even a half leave from his work.

He is now in dire need of rest and treatment and cannot survive without medical care and treatment. I am applying a leave of three months starting from 13 th April till 13 th June, 2017. Kindly grant him the said leaves with pay so that wecan easily manage the outstanding expenses of the medication and hospital charges.

I am attaching a medical certificate depicting his illness and the time duration required for him for the proper recovery and a carbon copy of his leave record which shows NILL in the record register. Sir, I cannot see my father dying right in front of my eyes, so kindly grant him the most cherished leaves with pay for his recovery of health. I will be brimmed with gratification if you do favourable action. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Tayyab Ali
S/O Khalil Ali
13 th April,2017.

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