Leave Request due to Renewal of Identity Card

Request Leave due to renewal of identity card. This format is a good help for those who have attained expiry date of their identity cards and wants the renewal of it.

Leave Request due to Renewal of Identity Card

The Manager,
Greenland Data Services Department,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of leave due to renewal of identity card

Respected Sir,

Good day to you sir! It is a pleasant sight to see you engrossed in your work and with your necessary things at your disposal. I am Smart Martin, a new inductee in your fine firm and serving my duties as head of packaging department. I am here to let you know about the mishap that cost me much. Person like you are quite familiar with the vitality of official documents, as it’s lost or expiry straight away means that you are dead! Same is the case with me now, I am officially dead as my identity card has earned an expiry date. I just came to know, when the pay order from my bank thrown back to me, suggesting the old identity card and with piece of advice to renew it at my earliest. I want to renew it as soon as possible because the pay order is very important for me to be en-cashed by next week and data base department usually take three to four days to
complete the process of renewal of identity card.
For that purpose, I am needing a full day leave, as you know, it is a tiresome work and could not be cater in 3-4 hours. Full day is needed for travel and the work of reissuance of my card. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards,

Mr. Smart Martin,
25 th August, 2018.

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