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Response Letter by Doctor Against Complaint

Response Letter by Doctor Against Complaint

Dear Sir,

Your complaint was forwarded to me by our higher medical authorities. I have read your complaint and I fully understand your concern. We know it is a very difficult time for whole world and doctors are doing what they are actually trained for in such circumstances. We are trying to give our best to patients and treat them as soon as possible. I know that doctors may seem to be in rush and moving to another patient really quickly but they are actually given instructions to give time to patient according to their condition. With that being addressed, I have taken strict action against doctors who are not following the rules and not prescribing all
medication to the corona virus affected patient. I hope you understand that we all are in this together and we are trying to fight corona virus and, in this fight, we need your help by taking precautions instructed by government. Thank you.

Response Letter by Hospital Management Against Complaint

Dear Ma’am,

I hope you are doing well. I have read your complaint letter against our hospital doctors. I understand that our whole nation is suffering from a havoc and everybody is more cautious than before. Doctors are trained to handle the situation so we can provide the assistance to each and every patient. As you know that patient ratio has become higher in this pandemic than usual so the burden has also increased. About your complaint, I have totally taken it into consideration and action is going to be taken against doctors who are violating any regulations in such critical situations and not providing their assistance rightly to affected patients. I assure you that you will not witness such incident again in our hospital. I appreciate your concern and for lodging the complaint as soon as possible. You are free to complaint if you ever witness such incident again. We are in this together.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Head of HR

Hospital Name:————-

Medical Negligence Complaint Letter about Staff Nurse

This complaint letter is by girl about staff nurse who is very rude and does not cater the patients or perform her duties.

Medical Negligence Complaint Letter about Staff Nurse

The Management,

National Hospital.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this complaint letter against one of your staff nurse in cardiac department. My mother is admitted in a ward and her behavior towards us is very rude. It doesn’t just include us but all patients in the ward. She is extremely annoyed all the time. If you ask her anything, she gets all irritated and never does your work or offer help. She doesn’t even pay attention to fulfilling her duty norms, she is always in seek that when doctor goes away so she can go out of the ward and come back when doctor’s timings are for checkup. We had to give our mother injection as prescribed by the doctor but staff nurse was nowhere to be found. I had to go to the brain department to find the nurse. It was such a bad experience.
We are shifting our mother to another hospital.

Feel free to contact me for more investigation.



Complaint letter to doctor about their hospital staff which has shown you rude behavior.

Complaint Letter to Doctor about Staff


The Doctor ,


This letter is directed to Dr. George Ford, cardiac surgeon. I am Ms. Katie, sister of the patient 3486. We are treating our sister’s heart problem in your clinic. Your clinic is well renowned about its success and good work. That was the reason we considered your clinic for our sister’s heart surgery. Therefore, we have not been facing any problem with treatment or anything particularly about you but I want to complain about your clinic staff.
The head of the staff is a very lousy woman and she does not cater any problem with smile. She is a very aggressive woman with anger issues. I have seen her screaming in a corridor which is not a healthy thing for the patient as patients could have been easily heard her. I want to point this thing so the good name or reputation of your clinic does not go down. Please take strict action against your staff.

Waiting your feed back.



Sample Apology Letter from the Doctor

Sample Apology Letter from the Doctor. The profession of Doctors is noble, no doubt about it as they save lives! But the question arises do all the doctors are good? Are they expert of their lines? Are they excellent in dealing their patients . . . religiously? Sadly, the answer for these questions could never the straight YES! But there are many doctors who feel their mistake and go forward to extend their apologies to their patients! Now this is hilarious! We must appreciate such positive steps. This format is for such doctors for whom their profession is their religion.

Sample Apology Letter from the Doctor

The Principal,
Allied Aster High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: apology letter

Respected sir,

Greetings! I hope you are doing well in your life and as far as students are concerned, many would be healthy and playing around in the lush green grounds of your school. Boys are boys sir, they hit each other while playing without thinking about the consequences.
Yesterday, as an allied hospital, a case of serious injury resulting from the fighting while playing had come to my table. I was away as was busy in taking the round of the hospital because my two senior doctors were on leave. In this situation, I was the only one to shoulder their responsibilities as well. The round took me 20 minutes and when I came back, I was informed about the serious condition of the student! He was unconscious due to heavy blood loss. It was my negligence although I was not informed earlier, but I must direct my staff to report me such cases immediately! I extend my apology for staying the extended days of the student in my
hospital and regret the loss he had met in his classes and education. Kindly accept my apology and forward it to his parents on my behalf. Thanking you in anticipation of good will.

Best Regards,
Mr. Joe Jackson,
12th July, 2019.

Complaint Letter Against Doctor’s Negligence

Complaint Letter Against Doctor’s Negligence. Doctors play an important role in taking care of ill people. They job is very crucial there single act of negligence may lead the severe health condition to people. This is a sample letter of complaint against doctor’s negligence.

Complaint Letter Against Doctor’s Negligence

The Medical Board
Health and care Centre
765 y St 3
Melbourne, Australia

Date 30.6.2018

Subject: A Complaint Against Doctor’s Negligence

Respected Department Head!!

Human being made mistakes we all know, doctors are also human beings, and they also make mistakes whether you like it or not doctor’s mistakes are sometimes more dangerous or fraudulent than other people.
I am writing this letter to file formal complaint against your hospital doctor Miss Marie, a “Senior Gynecologist”. On date 31.12.2017 she did caesarian of my wife under the emergency conditions. Timings were almost midnight. My wife did regular visits as prescribe by her. She takes medicines and followed her all instructions during her three trimesters of pregnancy. She neglects “high blood pleasure” reading of my wife throughout the pregnancy period. She took it easy and misdiagnosed my wife symptoms with anxiety. Her unprofessional attitude results in stopped
growth of my infant during the pregnancy, leading towards the delivery at emergency bases through caesarian. Finally a child was premature. The life of my wife and child both were at high risk. She takes it for granted. What is this mean for?
Now premature child is at high risk of developing other health problems. My child is at incubator from last three months. Wife is suffering serious trauma. I want you to dismal the license of your doctor. Otherwise I will suit the medical services providing in your hospital. For this instance I will also contact media. And I will file an appeal in court against your services and Mr. Marie. Hopefully, you would take action against the doctor.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Mathew