Experience letter for Primary School Teacher

Sample Experience letter for Primary School Teacher . Work Experience Letter for Primary School Teacher. This Letter can be used by both senior/secondary and junior/primary school teachers who are willing to have experience letter for the designated posts of theirs in the educational institutions. Easy format of  experience certificate is here for your convenience.

Sample Experience letter for Primary School Teacher

Ms. Rathore Singh
                                              To Whom May It Concern

This letter is in the name of Ms. Rathore Singh who was a teacher in the school for the Primary/Junior level. She was working in this educational system from the past three(3) years.She was teaching all subjects and, She was the head of debates program and during her tenure all activities were managed in mannered/organized way. Her all the Annual Assessment Reports grades A-1 in all the sheets. She ranked in boost up words and always consult for advice in any school matter for multiple reasons on the account of her experience. The administration will remember her good work in nice words and we hope she will rendered her best qualities in any institution.She was the good asset of our institution. Due to some personal reasons she is leaving our school,but Best Wishes for her Future Life.

Murrali Vijay,
Principal UP Junior School
July 10, 2015

Experience letter for Primary School Teacher
Experience letter for Primary School Teacher

Experience letter Format for Primary School Teacher

                                  To Whom it May Concern

Please be informed that this letter is in the name of the Ms. Gabriella and issued as experience letter for her new job. She has been working with our school for two years and has been handling three sections of primary level. She is very organized, attentive and kind individual. She possess all the skills that a good teacher should have. She had a separate room as a sports teacher and grooming of students. She has given her effort and dedication to this school and we acknowledge that. We wish her best of luck for her future ventures. Please contact on given details, if further information is needed.

Head of Department,


Easy Format of Teacher Experience

To Whom May It Concern
This is to certify that Mr. ____________ S/O Mr. _____________ CNIC # _______________ has worked as a [Subject} Teacher at our __________ School from ____________ to _____________.We found him punctual, responsible, problem solving, cooperative and energetic teacher during his 5 years teaching period. We wish him for his career success in  future life.
Hon. Chairman

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